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Apr 4, 2017
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Hi Here Some More Tutorial With Image
How to Unbrick Meizu y15 (M3s) by replacing eMCP using UFi Box
How to Unbrick Meizu y15 (M3s) by replacing eMCP using UFi Box
Case: Device comes hang logo
Open UFi Android Toolbox ,
Go to Tab Mediatek ,
Remember to always choose the appropriate Brand, Model, and Firmware

1. Identify Devices
From the log window, the default eMCP is Kingston, and it looks that the partition is still complete,
Android system also read perfectly

2. Backup
Before further execution, always do backups via the Read button,
especially important partitions, such as: preloader, and nv partitions
Unfortunately, Error occurs when the backup process
3. Factory Reset
Unfortunately, the same Error occurs when we perform the process wipe cache and userdata
4. Erase All Exept Bootloader
Last experiment,
we do Erase only on eMCP userarea through
Special Task button,
Error in Log window makes sure that eMCP indeed needs to be replaced.

Ok, then we get the new eMCP.
We use eMCP SK Hynix H9TQ17ABJTMCUR-KUM 16GB + LPDDR3 16Gb (2GB ) @ BGA221
In accordance with CID supported by Preloader.
Open UFi eMMC ToolBox

  1. As always, do Identify eMMC , and Nand Test
    for the process of checking the health of the Nand area in eMCP quickly
2. Factory Image
We prepare Stock Firmware, can be downloaded in Support,
and do the writing firmware directly to eMCP via Factory Image menu, at the same time it will reconfig partition boot.
To partition the system, cache, and userdata we skip, with the aim that not too long the process of writing eMCP.
3. Do "Identify eMMC" again,
then move to tab User Partition to check the writing of eMCP as we want.
eMCP replacement looks good, and ready to install to PCB

After eMCP is installed, we do the flashing process again using UFi Android Toolbox.
  1. Flashing using Engineering Firmware
    Here I use 20160909163034_eng Firmware, Firmware File already exists in suuport and can be downloaded.


    After flashing is complete, turn on Device, the display menu will look like Android Stock
2 .Rewrite Original Imei
By using Engineering Firmware, we can easily write the original Imei to the device via Meta mode.
3. Flashing using Public / User Firmware
Once imei is successfully written, re-flash device using public release firmware 20170628143057_intl_prd_stable_fvcs_stable_6.1.0.0G
Firmware files are available in support too.
4. Congratulations,
you just replaced eMCP Meizu Y15 (M3s) using UFi Box
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Deepesh Sharma

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Apr 4, 2017
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Repair Imei & Meid Smartfren Andromax

Smartfren Andromax is Qualcomm CDMA GSM Device.
Sometime after debricking this device, you face imei & meid become null or invalid.
This is tips and trick how to repair imei & meid Smartfren Andromax Device.

First Step: You have to download modem firmware below :
For 4G Devices : Smartfren Andromax 4G modem firmware
For non-4G Devices : Smartfren Andromax non-4G modem firmware

2nd Step: You have to Root your Device, and enabling USB Debugging.
Now open Ufi Android ToolBox , go to ADB make Identify Device write modem firmware in modem partition list.


You can replace this modem partition, when your device support Firehose Protocol via qualcomm emergency mode (9008) too.


Last Step: To write imei or meid qualcomm based device, you have to activated Diagnostic Port.
As long as your devices Rooted, it so easy to enable diagnostic port via Ufi Android ToolBox,
Just by click Read button in Service Tab.
After enabling Diagnostic Port, now you are Ready to Write imei and meid according to the label of your devices.


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Deepesh Sharma

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Apr 4, 2017
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Oppo "The NV Partition is invalid"

After replacing eMMC Oppo Qualcomm Devices, sometimes you will find annoying notification "Oppo_NV_Backup - The NV Partition is invalid". Even after you just write backup nv partition or write QCN.

To Fix this issue, follow this guide :

1. Open Android Tool Box -->Tab Service -->Select Brand & Model correctly -->then click devices hint
to show general tips for devices


2. Dial *#268# in phone menu dialer, "EnggineerMode" will popup

3. Click on "Calibration status"
When value "-1" means you must write QCN at first using Android Toolbox like tutorial here.


4. Back to EngineerMode menu, now click on "NV parameters"
You have to passed all the test by clicking all available test parameters and show "succeded"


5. Congratulations UFiXERS, you just remove "Annoying Oppo NV invalid Notification"
Deepesh Sharma

Deepesh Sharma

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Apr 4, 2017
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How To Remove / Reset Flyme Account Meizu M5 Note or Any with UFi Android ToolBox
Just for you who do not know how to use [Meizu] Reset Flyme Account feature using UFi Android Tool Box.

Here are the steps:
1. Identify Devices "at First.
Always Choose Brand, Model, Platform, and Firmware according to your Device you are working on.
Position the device into BootROM mode when "Identify" by pressing the volume down button before the device is connected via USB cable.


2. Special Task
Specific features for certain brands and models are stored in this button, and will only be active when Identify Devices is successfully executed.
Like for example [Meizu] Reset Flyme Account .

Notice to 3. Log Window
Make sure the feature has been successfully executed by taking into account the specific task that we have selected in the Special Task menu.
For the following example, we use the [Meizu] Reset Flyme Account feature,
and seen in The Log window has been successfully performed by the software.


Congratulations, you just reset Flyme Account in Device Meizu


Jan 10, 2019
I was wondering where you find and get the new emmc chip?
Do you get it from a compatible device or buy a new one, and how to find the compatible emmc chip?

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