1. A

    How to fix this b310s-927 router ?

    hello when i turn on my router it turns on like this . [Video] B310S-927 FAULT it's unlocked router using LAN method.not USB method.i can't login to this router,router is not detecting when connecting using LAN cable. so how to fix this ? please help
  2. Abdullah

    Zong B310s-927 Firmware Latest Version

    B310s-927TCPU-V200R001B311D05SP00C306_Firmware_Pakistan_operatorValue_05013HUJ 05013HUJ Terminal Software,B310s-927,WLB310s9271045,Firmware Software,FirmwareSoftware,Pakistan CMPak 51068394 Integrated Equipment,B310s-927,White,Pakistan,CMPak,No Battery,Travel Charger of British Std*1 51068395...