1. nxjeff

    Help P20 Pro CLT-L29 bricked after downgrade firmware

    The whole journey was started because I wanted to root my phone to use some feature that must be rooted, I was on CLT-L29 latest firmware available on this phone. I spent sometime to read and discover there is no way for this phone to be unlocked (bootloader) without...
  2. ranaawaiss

    Here is How to resize LS992 UFS Userdeta resize

    Here is How to resize LS992 UFS Userdeta resize (For example) from 23Gb to 110GB First go to partitions list in left side of software. Check your USERDATA partition Click "RESIZE" button.
  3. FaisalShafique

    MTK 6572 Samsung GT-I8262 Duos Bricked Firmware

    Hi. Hope You all working fine . Here is a long story of my Phone that im going to share with you. 1- it was working fine but after some days its LCD starts getting black from all corners. so i thought may be reset the device fix the problem but i was wrong. there was also a monkey virus in Phone...
  4. 1

    HARD BRICKED - LG G Stylo (LG MS631 MetroPCS)

    Hello Friends, I am new to the forum and have recently hard bricked my LG G Stylo (LG MS631 MetroPCS). In spending MANY hours on Google, I finally found the thread at Unbrick LG G4 Brick hs-usb Qdloader 9008 Without Box but my model isn't supported in that thread. I have been without my...