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  1. Repair Hub

    Free All Lenovo Stock Factory Firmware

    All Lenovo Stock Factory Firmware Post Here in Single Topic Only request Lenovo phone's firmware here All other requests will be deleted Thanks
  2. Huzaifa Nafees

    ALL Samsung Offical Firmware Fast Download Here

    Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928C Samsung Offical Firmware Info Model SM-G928C Model name Galaxy S6 edge+ Country PAK Version Android 7.0 Changelist 11762721 Build date 06.02.2018 Security Patch Level N/A Product code PAK PDA G928CXXS4CRB1 CSC G928COJV3CQJ1...
  3. Huzaifa Nafees

    VIVO V7 Y75 PD1718F CMII-QLM Readed Firmware

    VIVO V7 Y75 PD1718F CMII-QLM Readed Firmware Description: Operation : Read Flash [ v1.16 ] 1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back 2. PRESS and HOLD BOTH VOLUME KEYS! 3. Insert USB cable. In some cases require use EDL cable or TP to force EDL mode! Wait for phone... Device Found...
  4. Abdullah

    Samsung On5 SM-G5700 Nougat 7.0 With PlayStore Firmware

    Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2016 (On5) SM-G5700 Nougat 7.0 4File With PlayStore Firmware | Hong Kong 4File Firmware AP_G5700ZHU1BRA1_CL12634638_QB16443841_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT_meta.tar BL_G5700ZHU1BRA1_CL12634638_QB16443841_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar...
  5. Kashif Iqbal

    vivo V7 PD1718F fastboot+ QFIL AND OTA FIRMWARE HERE

    vivo V7 PD1718F fastboot+ QFIL AND OTA FIRMWARE HERE vivo V7 PD1718F fastboot+ QFIL AND OTA FIRMWARE HERE Vivo V7 PD1718F Fastboot Firmware PD1718F_EX_A_1.8.14_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.5.6-01810-89xx.0_msm8953.tar.gz MEGA Vivo V7 PD1718F OTA Firmware PD1718F_EX_A_1.8.14-update-full.zip MEGA Vivo...
  6. Abdullah

    Download 4-Mobile Firmware's

    Four B101 Four B200 Four K500 Four S100 Four S150 Four S151 Four S180 Four S200 Four S300 Four S300i Four S310 Four S40 Four S400 Four S50 Four S500 Four S510 Four S550 Four S60 Four S600 Four S610 Four T100 Four T110 Four X100 http://www.marhaba-firmware.com/home/browse/category/id/77/4Mobile
  7. Abdullah

    Innjoo Factory Firmware's

    F2 Pro innjoo F2 Pro Fire Plus Fire Pro Fire2 LTE Halo i1 i1K i1s i2 i2s Max3 Max3 Pro Note Note E Note Pro ONE TWO Innjoo | Marhaba Firmware
  8. Jamil Mobile

    Oppo F3 CPH1609 Factory Firmware Here

    OPPO F3 CPH1609 Factory Firmware | Rom | Flash File CPH1609EX_11_A.04_170426 Firmware | Rom | Flash File Oppo F3 Live Demo Unit Fixed Oppo F3 Dead Boot Repair Oppo F3 Unknown Baseband Repair Oppo F3 Imei Null Repair Oppo F3 Remove Password Oppo F3 Remove Pattern lock, Pin Lock Oppo F3...