imei 0

  1. T

    SM-A900 Cert File

    SM-A900 Cert File Dear Sir i Know Imei Repair is illegal but My Phone not Proper Work So i Need This I Give You Original Imei of My Phone So Please Anyone Has This ?? Reply Me Thanks Martview Team
  2. Alexmercer910

    Help need redmi 7a IMEI repair file.

    redmi 7a lost IMEI after dead boot, need imei repair file or repair method.
  3. S

    Oppo F5 (CPH1723) Unknown Baseband and iMEi Missing

    Dear Sir! Oppo F5 (CPH1723) Unknown Baseband and iMEi Missing after latest update Solution Please?
  4. Abdullah

    Mi A1 imei 0 Repair | Security Damage Repair Done

    Using Version... Selected Port QCUSB_COM521_1 = COM521 Selected Model GT-I5503 Selected Task NV_QCN WRITE Searching phone... Build...MPSS.TA.2.3.c1-00361-8953_GEN_PACK-1.109159.1.111174.1 Please wait till finish... !!! SUCCESS !!! All Finish... Total Time Take...00:01:50 Log Saved...
  5. Abdullah


    Repair your Huawei Mobile IMEI by using MF Huawei IMEI Fixer, This is a small tool for Huawei mobile , You can use this tool if your mobile in Sim Invalid Imei 0, Null, Base band Unknown condition. How to use this tool ?? Root your Huawei Mobile Run this tool as administrator. Enter 1 for...
  6. Abdullah

    Unbrick Huawei Y625-U32 | Imei Repair

    Unbrick Huawei Y625-U32 Dead Boot 9008 Port Only Recovery Y625-U32 Unbrick & Flashing Guide ------------------------------------------------------------- #1 Enable QDloader Mode ---------------------------------------------- 1. Disassemble the phone, 2. Short these two poins, 3. Connect phone...