1. A

    Oppo A15 | CPH2185 | Password, Pin & FRP Lock Successfully Unlocked Via Miracle Box Without ID & ISP

    Oppo A15 | CPH2185 | Password, Pin & FRP Lock Successfully Unlocked Via Miracle Box In Meta Mode Without ID & ISP
  2. rifaaq

    News New service! Xiaomi Mi account Remove Lost Mode Only!!!

    #562 Xiaomi Mi account Remove Lost Mode Don't submit clean IMEI! We Need IMEI, Lock code and Model Worldwide 50-60% success India, Europe , Russia, Bangladesh - have 90% success Contact us gsmservice team: Email ID : [email protected] Skype : rifaaq WhatsApp : +998933963857 Telegram ...
  3. Abdullah

    Solved Enable Diagnostics Mode Port Oppo Neo 9 A37F

    Enable Diagnostics Mode Port Oppo Neo 9 A37F Install Qualcomm Drivers. Install Windows Drivers for Android Debug Bridge. Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock via Developer Options. Connect the device to the computer. Dial Number *#67766776# and you're taken to the Engineer Mode screen. Click...
  4. Abdullah

    Solved MTK Engineering Mode Without USSD Code

    How To Open MTK Engineer Mode Without USSD Code On Any MTK Phone Download MTK Engineering Mode Apk
  5. Franky38

    File Fix Baseband IMEI All Xiaomi Devices With EDL Mode

    cancro_fix: Download cancro fix baseband imei edl mode User Upload rar capricorn_fix: Download capricorn fix baseband imei edl mode User Upload rar dior_fix: Download dior fix baseband imei edl mode User Upload rar ferrari_fix: Download ferrari fix baseband imei edl mode User Upload rar...
  6. ibafridi

    Free Oppo F7

    Oppo F7 Remove live demo,,, with Miracle box,,,, ony Flash with system file,,,,
  7. Abdullah

    Free Oppo A83 CPH1729 Retail Mode Remove - Oppo All Model

    Oppo A83 CPH1729 Latest Version 2018 CPH1729EX_11_A.99_171227 Demo retail mode remove done successfully Links: MT65xx_Preloader_Drivers OPPO ALL TOOL Activator Oppo A83 CPH1729 Firmwares All firmware Supported Upto CPH1729EX_11_A.99_171227
  8. Abdullah

    Nokia 105 Handsfree Mode Tested Solution

    Nokia 105 Auto Headphone Mode Problem Handsfree Tested Solution
  9. Abdullah

    Free All Alcatel Mobiles Hardware Solutions Here

    All Alcatel Mobiles Hardware Solutions Here in Single Post don't make any more threads in section thanks Alcatel A3 5046U Touch Ways | Touch Points Jumper Alcatel A3 5046U Touch Not Working Solution
  10. Naveed Zeeshan


    Big Thanks to my dear Friens for support PASSWORD TEXT ATTACHED BELOW NAVEEDSIALKOTI.rar 1-ALBUS_NPSS26.118-19-14_cid50_subsidy-DEFAULT_regulatory-DEFAULT_CFC.xml Google Drive - Virus scan warning 2-Affinity_PVT_33_BackFlash_Signed.xml Google Drive - Virus scan warning...
  11. Abdullah

    How to Enable Qualcomm Diagnostic Mode

    Qualcomm Diag Mode, Enable DIAG Port For Qualcomm Phones Enable Qualcomm Diagnostic Mode Useful for Repair IMEI or Repair Baseband your phone using QPST or other tools. 1st Method Dial Number: Type #*#717717#*#* on dialpad. If this does not work, do the second way. 2nd Method ADB Mode: Your...
  12. Abdullah

    How To EDL Mode For All Qualcomm Mobiles New Way

    New ways To EDL Mode Finished the USB cable to enter the EDL in any version, any model !!! (Can Work On all mobiles) Download adb / fastboot tool: Download ADB-Fastboot-ToolKit-By-Marhaba.rar | Marhaba Firmware Use the command adb: (applied when the machine is still receiving adb) Enable USB...
  13. Abdullah

    Samsung Combination Files Free

    SM-A300F Combination File SM-A300FU Combination fil SM-A300H Combination File SM-A300M Combination File SM-A300X Combination File Galaxy A3 Combination File SM-A310F Combination File SM-A310m Combination File SM-A320F Combination File SM-A500F Combination File SM-A500FU Combination File SM-A500H...
  14. Abdullah

    Zong B310s-927 Firmware Latest Version

    B310s-927TCPU-V200R001B311D05SP00C306_Firmware_Pakistan_operatorValue_05013HUJ 05013HUJ Terminal Software,B310s-927,WLB310s9271045,Firmware Software,FirmwareSoftware,Pakistan CMPak 51068394 Integrated Equipment,B310s-927,White,Pakistan,CMPak,No Battery,Travel Charger of British Std*1 51068395...
  15. Abdullah

    Y530-U00 EDL Mode Firmware (Dead Boot Recovery)

    Y530-U00 EDL Mode Firmware | Flash File | Rom (Dead Boot Recovery) 1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back 2. PRESS and HOLD BOTH VOLUME KEYS! 3. Insert USB cable. In some cases require use EDL cable or TP to force EDL mode! Wait for phone... Device Found! Initialize ... Handshake...
  16. N

    Oppo A71 CPH1717 MT6750 Firmware

    need firmware of oppo A71 CPH1717EX_11_A.02_170815 i tried to read it by cm2 but DA error
  17. ruzwana143

    Vivo demo mobiles unlock qcn files plz help me gsnm senior s

    Plzzzz help [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106] Sent From Q455L Using GsmMarhaba App