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  1. Arif0899

    SFT Dongle v1.0.18i Release 29-04-2019

    SFT Dongle v1.0.18 Release 29-03-2019 =============================================== ADD: Adding Removing Paternlock Miui9 And Mui10 Encripted Without Lost Data ADD: Adding Explore Directory Fs ADD: Adding Disable Micloud With Edl ( xperiment) BUG: Repair Dumping Qualcomm Include path0 and...
  2. Martview

    eMMC Dongle New Update 1.1.1 Release date: 23th NOV 2018

    New update ( version 1.1.1 ) release date: 23th NOV 2018 Search results for: 'emmc dongle' Added Support MTK Platform(BETA) Read/Write/Erase Flash + CheckSum Verify Test EMMC(Read/Write Test Pattren) Factory Reset Rest User locks Read Pattren Lock Reset FRP Lock(2 methods) work space(MTK...
  3. Admin

    Zong E5573Cs-322 Latest Version 21.323.01.00.1456 Unlocking

    Zong 4G Cloud Bolt+ Huawei E5573Cs-322 Launched New Latest Version 21.323.01.00.1456 With New Security Zong 4G Cloud Bolt+ E5573Cs-322 New Version Launched With New Hard Version B Free Unlock Huawei E5573Cs-322, Zong 21.328.62.00.1456 Unlock Done