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  1. Abdullah

    Solved Oppo A1k CPH1923 Dead After Reset MTK Port Only Repair With Ufi Box

    Oppo a1k dead after resetting via ISP pinout Showing MTK port only repair with Ufi Box 1st: just clean your phone's PCB CLK, CMD, DAT0 Points 2nd: Write ext.csd file it will be done 100%
  2. Abdullah

    B310,B315 Only Power LED Is Showing Light Repair Method

    B310 Only Power LED is Showing Light - Fix | Dead Repair Huawei B310s Dead After Unlock Fixed Huawei B310s White Light Only After Unlock Fixed Huawei B310s Boot Mode Only After Unlock Fixed B310-22 Only Power LED is Showing Light - Fix | Dead Repair B310s-518 Only Power LED is Showing Light -...
  3. Abdullah

    Zong B310s-927 Firmware Latest Version

    B310s-927TCPU-V200R001B311D05SP00C306_Firmware_Pakistan_operatorValue_05013HUJ 05013HUJ Terminal Software,B310s-927,WLB310s9271045,Firmware Software,FirmwareSoftware,Pakistan CMPak 51068394 Integrated Equipment,B310s-927,White,Pakistan,CMPak,No Battery,Travel Charger of British Std*1 51068395...
  4. Abdullah

    All Hotwav Mobile Firmware Download Here

    Hotwav Mobile All Models Firmware Free Download Hotwav Firmware Here
  5. Admin

    Zong E5573s-320 Latest 2017 Solution Here

    Zong Cloud E5573s-320 All Ver Unlocking Solution Available Only On GSmMarhaba Huawei E5573s-320 Dead After Unlock Recover Done Huawei E5573s-320 Dead Boot Recovery Done Supported Versions: 21.180.XX.XX.XX Unlock 21.200.XX.XX.XX Unlock 21.316.XX.XX.XXX Unlock 21.321.XX.XX.XXX Unlock...