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  1. Abdullah

    Solved Oppo A1k CPH1923 Dead After Reset MTK Port Only Repair With Ufi Box

    Oppo a1k dead after resetting via ISP pinout Showing MTK port only repair with Ufi Box 1st: just clean your phone's PCB CLK, CMD, DAT0 Points 2nd: Write ext.csd file it will be done 100%
  2. rajsingh

    vivo V11 Test point | edl point For Edl Mode

  3. Abdullah

    Nokia 3310 Flash File | Firmware Flashing

    Nokia 3310 All Models TA-1008, TA-1030, TA-1032 Flash File | Firmware will upload here in Single Thread Nokia 3310 TA-1030 Flash File | Firmware
  4. Abdullah

    Free Nokia Android Official Factory Firmware

    Nokia 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 Official Firmware And flash tool Nokia 2 TA-1035 Official Factory Firmware: E1M-037C-0-00WW-B03nb0_Nokia 2 Nokia 3 TA-1032 Official Factory Firmware: NE1-215H-0-00WW-B02_nokia3 NE1-215H-0-00WW-B02 Nokia 5 Official Factory Firmware: ND1-3320-0-00WW-A02 nokia 5...
  5. Abdullah

    Huawei Factory Repair Center Firmware Here

    All Huawei Factory Repair Center Firmware ( Huawie All Regions Universal Firmware's ) For Huawei Mobiles Repairing All Huawei Dead Boot Recovery Files | Firmware All Huawei High Level Repair Center is forbidden Fix All Bugs: No Network Fix Dead Boot Fix Hang On Logo Fix Unknown Baseband Fix No...
  6. Admin

    Motorola Moto E4 Plus XT1771 MT6737M Firmware | Scatter File

    Motorola Moto E4 Plus XT1771 MT6737M Firmware | Scatter File | Flash File | Rom Dead Boot Recover File | Network Fix File | Unfortunately Has Stopped Fix | Avengers Box Read Firmware MT6737M_EMMC_motorola_Moto E (4) Plus_7_1_1_alps-mp-n1_mp1-V1_lenovo6737m_35_n1_P42 rand : motorola ProdName ...
  7. Abdullah

    Zong B310s-927 Firmware Latest Version

    B310s-927TCPU-V200R001B311D05SP00C306_Firmware_Pakistan_operatorValue_05013HUJ 05013HUJ Terminal Software,B310s-927,WLB310s9271045,Firmware Software,FirmwareSoftware,Pakistan CMPak 51068394 Integrated Equipment,B310s-927,White,Pakistan,CMPak,No Battery,Travel Charger of British Std*1 51068395...
  8. Abdullah

    Huawei Y5II CUN-U29 Firmware (Dead Boot Recovery)

    Huawei Y5II CUN-U29 Scatter Firmware | Flash File | Rom | NVRAM File | NV File | Security Backup BaseBand CPU :MT6582 BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01 ---------------------------------------------------- INT RAM: 128 KB SDRAM EXT RAM: 1 GB DRAM...
  9. Abdullah

    All Hotwav Mobile Firmware Download Here

    Hotwav Mobile All Models Firmware Free Download Hotwav Firmware Here
  10. Abdullah

    All Motorola Firmware Download Here Free

    Motorola All Model Firmware Download Here Free Motorola all model stock firmware | Rom Motorola all model custom rom | Firmware Download Free Free Free Motorola Firmware Download Here
  11. Admin

    Nokia 5 Firmware Tested

    Brand : Nokia ProdName : TA-1003_00WW ProdModel : TA-1003 Device : D1C AndroidVer: 7.1.1 Manufact. : FIH QLMxCPU : MSM8937 DevInfo : MSM8937__FIH__Nokia__ANDR_v7.1.1__TA-1003__D1C__TA-1003_00WW Reading Flash Content ... [Read Ok] : gpt_main0.bin [Read Ok] : securefs.img [Read Ok] ...
  12. Abdullah

    Lenovo X2PA3 Firmware + Security Backup

    STORAGE TYPE: EMMC Sending loader, please wait.. Waiting for loader to start... DiskSize: 29.12 GB Userdata Size: 25.92 GB Partitions count: 36 Manufacturer: LENOVO Cpu: armeabi-v7a Build Id: KTU84P Model: Lenovo X2PA3 Android Release: 4.4.4 Android Version: X2PA3_S112_150105_ROW Download Here
  13. Abdullah

    Rivo RX880 MT6580 Firmware

    Wait for phone... Phone found! [ 15 ] Sync... Inital Boot Ok! BB_CPU_PID : 6580 BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6580_S00 BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA00 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000 Processing BROM stage Settings for BROM configured! SecCfgVal : 0x00000000 BromVer : 0x00FF BLVersion : 0x0001 PreLoader : Active [ Boot with...
  14. Abdullah

    Lava Grand 2C MT6735M Firmware

    EMMC: (116Gb+16384Mb) SAMSUNG 0x513832334d42 EMMC FW VERSION: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 EMMC CID: 15010051383233 : 000000000000000000 EMMC UA SIZE: 0x3a3e00000 BOOT STYLE: EMMC BOOT FULL LENGTH: 0x3a4a00000 [14.572 GB] Preloader SEC version: 2 Status: USB_HIGH_SPEED Detecting...
  15. Abdullah

    Jazz iTel it1460 Pro MT6580 Firmware

    Jazz iTel it1460 Pro MT6580 Firmware | Flash File | Rom Reading Flash Content now ... xGPT : Normalize settings Ok! Brand : Itel ProdName : H8016 ProdModel : itel it1460 Pro Device : itel-it1460-Pro AndroidVer: 6.0 MTKxCPU : MT6580 MTKxPRJ : it1460Pro-H8016E1-M-PKMO-170421V28...
  16. Jamil Mobile


    Oppo F3 Plus Flash Done ********************************** BY JAMIL MOBILE GSM MARHABA TEAM ******************************************** Oppo F3 Plus Reset Password Oppo F3 Plus Reset Pattern Oppo F3 Plus Finger Lock & Dead Recover **************************************
  17. mr_abu2002

    Free Micromax Bolt Series Full ORIGINAL FIRMWARES 50GB

    AS OG A24 AS OG A24 Software.V4_171114(New%20flash,%20LCD,spredtrum%20patch%20and%20new%20tools).zip AS OG A26 ZE230PAA_060A_V8_0_0.rar AS OG A27 V8_01.08.2013.ZE25PAA_060A_V8_0_Q.rar AS OG A30_R10_MMX_DS_NSL_0912.rar AS OG A34 V2_210114...
  18. A

    Cherry Mobile Firmware

    Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Max Firmware Created by Infinity-Box (c) Chinese Miracle II (c) 2016 Device Brand : Cherry_Mobile Device Model : FLARE_S5_MAX Device CPU : MT6580 Device IntName : FLARE_S5_MAX Device Version : 6.0 Device Compile : 11/22/2016 9:44:16 AM Device Project ...
  19. A

    Advan Firmwares, Advan Stock Rom here

    Advan Vandroid 01A Advan Vandroid 01A Stock ROM v20130121.173607 En Us International 4.0.4 ICS - Download - 4shared
  20. Abdullah

    All ASUS Zenfone Firmware [Official]

    Official Firmware ASUS Zenfone Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek Free Download Raw, Firmware Asus For Intel Flash Using AFT (Asus FlashTool) For Qualcomm Flash Via Fastboot or Qualcomm Tool For Mediatek (MTK) Flash Using SPFlashTool Zenfone 3 Max WW_ZC520TL_13.0.1.335 Free DOWNLOAD Size 1.73GB P01Y...