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  1. DTPRO Tool

    World First Direct Unlocking Bootloader in ANDROID 9 Supported

    ANDROID 9 SUPPORTED DIRECT UNLOCKING BOOTLOADER Initializing.. Checking if Phone is Connected.. Comunicating.. Model : Panther Baseband : Variant : QRD eMMC Serial : 4T89571MA1960604979 Voltage : 3842912 Starting Unlock.. Unlocking Bootloader.. Please Check Phone Screen and [Confirm].. Did...
  2. henrynicolas

    Error when IMEI repair in Nokia TA-1027

    Have this logs in UFI for Auth to repair this model NOKIA 5 STEP 1 Rebooting to bootloader... failed Waiting for fastboot to be ready... Done. [Nokia] Enter FTM Mode... model: D1L sub_model: none software version: ND1-617D-0-00WW-B04 SW model: 00WW build number: B04 hardware version: 5.0 RF...
  3. Abdullah

    Free Nokia Android Official Factory Firmware

    Nokia 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 Official Firmware And flash tool Nokia 2 TA-1035 Official Factory Firmware: E1M-037C-0-00WW-B03nb0_Nokia 2 Nokia 3 TA-1032 Official Factory Firmware: NE1-215H-0-00WW-B02_nokia3 NE1-215H-0-00WW-B02 Nokia 5 Official Factory Firmware: ND1-3320-0-00WW-A02 nokia 5...