1. D

    Xiaomi Mi 6 Sagit Restore QCN File (Help)

    Hi Guys, This is my first post in forum. I'm trying restore my Mi 6 for loss baseband, wifi and IMEI. But i discover some files with call name "ENG Firmware", name by Xiaomi Files for recover devices (ex: the Huawei uses the name Board Software). So, i found the files for the Mi 6 (Fastboot...
  2. Admin

    Free Guide LG IMEI Repair

    Guide LG IMEI Repair Tested On LG F240 SLK (GPRO) F180L/F180K/F180S/E975 And More... Root Required Phase 1 : copy 3 imei files into the phone's internal memory Stage 2: open cmd adb devices adb shell su if = / sdcard / imei1.img of = / dev / block / mmcblk0p12 type next dd if = / sdcard /...
  3. Faheem Anjum

    TWRP Backup & Restore Tool

    Description: This tool gives you an ability to make a backup of your phone to your PC using the latest TWRP 3.1.0 Recovery. This is a simple handy tool if you want to make a backup of your phone to your PC and you don't want to deal with ADB commands. Features: 1. Complete Backup 2. Partition...
  4. Sheraziking110

    Free All Xiaomi Mobile Firmware Download Here

    Xiaomi :- Flash File List Download Stock ROM for your Xiaomi Mobile and Tablets. You can use firmware to flash or reinstall Android OS on Your Xiaomi gadgets. . Before flashing any ROM follow these 2 points , 1- Make sure your battery percentage is above 50% at least 2- Take a Back up. ...