1. tototo

    Nokia 5 TA-1053

    Hi there, I would like to start by thanking the community present on this forum which is rather active and that's very cool ! I have some difficulties to unlock my Nokia 5 TA-1053. I managed to install an nb0 file from the OST program however the phone gets stuck. The phone continues to ask...
  2. Admin

    Nokia 5 Firmware Tested

    Brand : Nokia ProdName : TA-1003_00WW ProdModel : TA-1003 Device : D1C AndroidVer: 7.1.1 Manufact. : FIH QLMxCPU : MSM8937 DevInfo : MSM8937__FIH__Nokia__ANDR_v7.1.1__TA-1003__D1C__TA-1003_00WW Reading Flash Content ... [Read Ok] : gpt_main0.bin [Read Ok] : securefs.img [Read Ok] ...