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    Solved Samsung J710F, J710F/Ds U5 Repair IMEI | Repair Unknown Baseband done

    How to repair imei samsung j710f u5 repair unknown baseband done J710FXXU5CRJ7 8.1.0 4FILE FIRMWARE Fix Unknown Baseband Samsung J710F U5 1. Flash to samsung by the file binary 5 J710FXXU5BRC2_J710FOJK5BRC1_ILO_Firmware_7.0 2 After flash to samsung j710f rev 5 1. Flash by the file in pda...
  2. Abdullah

    Free Samsung Unknown Baseband Fix Solution Without Box

    Samsung Unknown Baseband Fix Free Solution Without Box
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    Free SamFix Tool V1.3 Repair Samsung Baseband, Modem

    Download SamFix Tool V1.3 Repair Samsung Baseband, Repair Samsung Modem Sam Fix Tool v1.1 WORLD 1st One-click Repair Baseband Unknown all Samsung devices 2016-2017 and other New Devices. It also allows you to repair the DRK Repair, IMEI Repair, and Remove or bypass the Android FRP Protection...
  4. anjum_k

    EFS N910C for unkown basband and ime nul 100%

    EFS N910C for unkown basband and ime nul ok by anjummobile MEGA pas.........anjummobile
  5. Abdullah

    Samsung On5 SM-G5700 Nougat 7.0 With PlayStore Firmware

    Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2016 (On5) SM-G5700 Nougat 7.0 4File With PlayStore Firmware | Hong Kong 4File Firmware AP_G5700ZHU1BRA1_CL12634638_QB16443841_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT_meta.tar BL_G5700ZHU1BRA1_CL12634638_QB16443841_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar...
  6. Kashif Iqbal

    vivo V7 PD1718F fastboot+ QFIL AND OTA FIRMWARE HERE

    vivo V7 PD1718F fastboot+ QFIL AND OTA FIRMWARE HERE vivo V7 PD1718F fastboot+ QFIL AND OTA FIRMWARE HERE Vivo V7 PD1718F Fastboot Firmware PD1718F_EX_A_1.8.14_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.5.6-01810-89xx.0_msm8953.tar.gz MEGA Vivo V7 PD1718F OTA Firmware PD1718F_EX_A_1.8.14-update-full.zip MEGA Vivo...
  7. Abdullah

    Unbrick Huawei Y625-U32 | Imei Repair

    Unbrick Huawei Y625-U32 Dead Boot 9008 Port Only Recovery Y625-U32 Unbrick & Flashing Guide ------------------------------------------------------------- #1 Enable QDloader Mode ---------------------------------------------- 1. Disassemble the phone, 2. Short these two poins, 3. Connect phone...
  8. Abdullah

    How to Enable Qualcomm Diagnostic Mode

    Qualcomm Diag Mode, Enable DIAG Port For Qualcomm Phones Enable Qualcomm Diagnostic Mode Useful for Repair IMEI or Repair Baseband your phone using QPST or other tools. 1st Method Dial Number: Type #*#717717#*#* on dialpad. If this does not work, do the second way. 2nd Method ADB Mode: Your...
  9. Abdullah

    HUAWEI Y221-U22 MT6572 Firmware Scatter File | Rom | (Dead Boot Recovery)

    HUAWEI Y221-U22 MT6572 U22V100R001C328B107 Firmware | Scatter File | Rom | Dead Boot Recovery BB_CPU_PID : 6572 BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6572_S00 BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA01 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000 Processing BROM stage Settings for BROM configured! SecCfgVal : 0x00000000 BromVer : 0x00FF BLVersion ...
  10. Abdullah

    Huawei Y5II CUN-U29 Firmware (Dead Boot Recovery)

    Huawei Y5II CUN-U29 Scatter Firmware | Flash File | Rom | NVRAM File | NV File | Security Backup BaseBand CPU :MT6582 BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01 ---------------------------------------------------- INT RAM: 128 KB SDRAM EXT RAM: 1 GB DRAM...
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    All Hotwav Mobile Firmware Download Here

    Hotwav Mobile All Models Firmware Free Download Hotwav Firmware Here
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    Oppo F3 Plus Flash Done ********************************** BY JAMIL MOBILE GSM MARHABA TEAM ******************************************** Oppo F3 Plus Reset Password Oppo F3 Plus Reset Pattern Oppo F3 Plus Finger Lock & Dead Recover **************************************
  13. Abdullah

    All ASUS Zenfone Firmware [Official]

    Official Firmware ASUS Zenfone Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek Free Download Raw, Firmware Asus For Intel Flash Using AFT (Asus FlashTool) For Qualcomm Flash Via Fastboot or Qualcomm Tool For Mediatek (MTK) Flash Using SPFlashTool Zenfone 3 Max WW_ZC520TL_13.0.1.335 Free DOWNLOAD Size 1.73GB P01Y...
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    All Infinix Mobiles Stock Factory Firmware's

    Download Firmware Infinix + Tool For Repair Bricked And Stuck on Logo. All Firmware's Are Stock Factory firmware's not read with any tool. Firmware Infinix X260 Infinix X260.7z FREE DOWNLOAD 123 MB (Flash Using SPFlashTool) Firmware Infinix X401 Infinix X401.7z FREE DOWNLOAD 110 MB (Flash...
  15. Rizwan ch08

    Qmobile Tab v1 flash Done

    Qmobile Tab v1 flash Done ..... special thanks Zohaib sahiwal
  16. Admin

    Free Telenor Infinity E MT6735 Firmware | Rom | Flash File

    1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back 2. Insert USB cable. In some cases require hold BootKey Brand : Telenor ProdName : Telenor ProdModel : Telenor Device : Telenor AndroidVer: 6.0 MTKxCPU : MT6735 MTKxPRJ : CF195_GB_TELENOR_L101 [Read Ok] : preloader_cf195.bin [Read...
  17. Admin

    Free Telenor INFINITY E2 MT6737M Firmware | Flash File

    Telenor INFINITY E2 MT6737M Stock Factory Firmware | Rom | Flash File TELENOR INFINITY E2 Android 7.0 TELENOR-INFINITY-E2_L108 - full_i6379-user 7.0 NRD90M Download Here

    -:: All Vivo Mobile Firmware Here ::-

    All Vivo Mobile Firmware Here Vivo_E1_MT6573_PD1110_B_1.2.1_2.3.5 Vivo_E1T_MT6575_ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1_4.0.4 Vivo_E3_MT6575_ALPS.ICS.MP.V2_4.0.4 Vivo_E5_MT6577_ALPS.JB.MP.V1_4.1.1 Vivo_S3_MT6573_PD1110_B_1.2.0_2.3.5 Vivo_S3_Plus_MT6575_ALPS.ICS.MP.V2_4.0.4...
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    OPPO F3 CPH1609 Firmware Here & Flash Guide Free Free Free

    OPPO F3 CPH1609 Firmware Here & Flash Guide ---------------------------------- ------------------------------- FREE FREE FREE Only Gsm Marhaba ***************************** ****************************** ****************************** OPPO F3 COMPLETE FILE -BY JAMIL MOBILE...
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    Oppo F3 CPH1609 Factory Firmware Here

    OPPO F3 CPH1609 Factory Firmware | Rom | Flash File CPH1609EX_11_A.04_170426 Firmware | Rom | Flash File Oppo F3 Live Demo Unit Fixed Oppo F3 Dead Boot Repair Oppo F3 Unknown Baseband Repair Oppo F3 Imei Null Repair Oppo F3 Remove Password Oppo F3 Remove Pattern lock, Pin Lock Oppo F3...