1. Abdullah

    Solved Oppo F9 , F9 Pro Baseband Unknown, IMEI Null Repair Solution Without Credit

    New - Oppo Baseband Unknown IMEI Null Repair Full Solution Solution is tested on: Oppo F9 Unknown baseband and IMEI Null Oppo F5 Unknown baseband and IMEI Null Oppo F7 Unknown baseband and IMEI Null Fixed. But it should also work on All other Oppo MTK Models Like oppo a73 baseband unknown and...
  2. Admin

    Free Guide LG IMEI Repair

    Guide LG IMEI Repair Tested On LG F240 SLK (GPRO) F180L/F180K/F180S/E975 And More... Root Required Phase 1 : copy 3 imei files into the phone's internal memory Stage 2: open cmd adb devices adb shell su if = / sdcard / imei1.img of = / dev / block / mmcblk0p12 type next dd if = / sdcard /...
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    All Hotwav Mobile Firmware Download Here

    Hotwav Mobile All Models Firmware Free Download Hotwav Firmware Here
  4. Abdullah

    Lava Grand 2C MT6735M Firmware

    EMMC: (116Gb+16384Mb) SAMSUNG 0x513832334d42 EMMC FW VERSION: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 EMMC CID: 15010051383233 : 000000000000000000 EMMC UA SIZE: 0x3a3e00000 BOOT STYLE: EMMC BOOT FULL LENGTH: 0x3a4a00000 [14.572 GB] Preloader SEC version: 2 Status: USB_HIGH_SPEED Detecting...