EME Mobile Tool(EMT) Standard Edition License


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 : Apr 30, 2019
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 :  Harpreet.zira
☐ Purchase method:
Licences (One Authorization, Permanent Use)
☐ Licenses edition:
Standard Edition
☐ The payment method of advanced function:
☐ Daily computer limit:
☐ Key features:
Read Information
✔ Factory Reset,
✔Reset FRP,
✔ Partition File Manager
(Browse, Export, Rename, Erase, Replace, Delete Uncryption Partitions files),
✔ Read/Erase/Write Partition,
✔ Read/Reset/Backup/Restore Screenlocks,
Disable/Enable Screenlock,
✔Read/Browse Userdata
(Contacts, SMS, Calls, Photo, Video, Music, QQ, Wechat, etc),
✔Unlock Bootloader, Reset Account, etc
☐ Support OS:
Win7, Win8, Win10 (32/64)
☐ Authorization method:
Account Authorization

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