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Dec 1, 2016
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Welcome to Medusa Pro Software version 1.4.0.
Reader #0: Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader 0
Reader #1: FT SCR2000 0
Reader #2: FT SCR2000 1

Please disconnect battery and USB cable.

Model Settings:
Interface : eMMC
Voltage : 1.8V
Bus Mode : 1
Bus speed : Auto

Device : Toshiba eMMC 032G96
Page size : 512 B
Block size : 512 B
Block count : 61071360
Size : 29.12 GB
CID Info

CID : 110100303332473936115988489870BD
Manufacturer ID : 0X11
Device/BGA : BGA (Discrete embedded)
OEM/Application ID : 0X00
Product name : 032G96
Product revision : 1.1
Product serial number : (hex) 59884898
Manufacturing date : 07/2013
CSD Info

CSD : D00E00320F5903FFFFFFFFFF92400025
CSD structure : CSD version No. 1.2
SPEC version : 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.41, 4.5,
4.51, 5.0, 5.01, 5.1
Data read access time1: 1 ms
TRAN speed : 26 MHz
READ block length : 512 Bytes
WP group enable : YES

Revision 1.6 (for MMC v4.5, v4.51)
Erase block size : 4096 Kbytes
Boot1 size : 4096 Kbytes
Boot2 size : 4096 Kbytes
RPMB size : 512 Kbytes

Partition config : 00111000
Boot partition enable : User area (Bus width = 1Bit)
Boot ACK : No boot acknowledge sent (default)

Boot bus conditions : 00000000
Boot bus width : x1 (sdr) or x4 (ddr) bus width in boot operation mode (default)
Reset boot bus conditions : Reset bus width to x1, single data rate and backward compatible timings after boot operation (default)
Boot mode : Use single data rate + backward compatible timings in boot operation (default)

Partitioning support : Device supports partitioning features
Enhanced attribute : Device can have enhanced technological features in partitions and user data area.
Max enhanced data size: 15269888 Kbytes
Partitions attribute : 0x0
Part setting completed: 0x0
GP partition 1 size : 0 b
GP partition 2 size : 0 b
GP partition 3 size : 0 b
GP partition 4 size : 0 b
Enhanced area size : (0x0) 0 b
Enhanced area start : (0x0) 0 b

---------------------------------------------------------------Searching Android build info...Ok

Disk/Image size : 47c00000 bytes
Device sector size : 512 bytes
Partition offset : 2457600
Number of sectors : 3145728
Device Manufacturer : motorola
Device Platform : msm8960
Build ID : KXA21.12-L1.26
Display Build ID : KXA21.12-L1.26
Release ID : 4.4.4
Device Model : XT1058
Device Name : ghost_att
Architecture ABI : armeabi-v7a
Architecture ABI2 : armeabi
Build Description : ghost_att-user 4.4.4 KXA21.12-L1.26 26 bldacfg,release-keys

Backup EXT_CSD saved to file C:/Program Files/Medusa Pro Software/EXT_CSD Backups/032G96_30_07_2017_14_11_37.bin.
Connect successful.
SW: 1.4.0; FW: 1.20.
P00: GPT (00000000, 00000100)
P01: modem (00000100, 00032000)
P02: sbl1 (00032100, 00000BB8)
P03: sbl2 (00032CB8, 00000BB8)
P04: sbl3 (00033870, 00000404)
P05: aboot (00034870, 00000400)
P06: rpm (00035428, 0000011C)
P07: tz (00035810, 000001A4)
P08: utags (00035BF8, 00000400)
P09: logs (00035FF8, 00000800)
P10: padA (000367F8, 00001808)
P11: sbl2Backup (00038000, 00000BB8)
P12: sbl3Backup (00038BB8, 00001000)
P13: abootBackup (00039BB8, 00000BB8)
P14: rpmBackup (0003A770, 000003E8)
P15: tzBackup (0003AB58, 000003E8)
P16: utagsBackup (0003AF40, 00000400)
P17: padB (0003B340, 00000CC0)
P18: modemst1 (0003C000, 00001800)
P19: modemst2 (0003D800, 00001800)
P20: mbl (0003F000, 00001000)
P21: hob (00040000, 00000500)
P22: dhob (00040500, 00000010)
P23: persist (00040600, 00004000)
P24: ssd (00044600, 00000010)
P25: fsg (00044610, 00001800)
P26: sp (00045E10, 00000800)
P27: misc (00046610, 00000400)
P28: pds (00046A10, 00001800)
P29: cid (00048210, 00000100)
P30: logo (00048310, 00002000)
P31: clogo (0004A310, 00002000)
P32: devtree (0004C310, 00000800)
P33: boot (0004CC00, 00005000)
P34: recovery (00051C00, 00005000)
P35: kpan (00056C00, 00004000)
P36: cache (0005AC00, 001FCC00)
P37: padC (00257800, 00000800)
P38: system (00258000, 00300000)
P39: customize (00558000, 00036000)
P40: userdata (0058E000, 034A7F00)
Erasing partition GPT... Done.
Erasing partition modem... Done.
Erasing partition sbl1... Done.
Erasing partition sbl2... Done.
Erasing partition sbl3... Done.
Erasing partition aboot... Done.
Erasing partition rpm... Done.
Erasing partition tz... Done.
Erasing partition utags... Done.
Erasing partition logs... Done.
Erasing partition padA... Done.
Erasing partition sbl2Backup... Done.
Erasing partition sbl3Backup... Done.
Erasing partition abootBackup... Done.
Erasing partition rpmBackup... Done.
Erasing partition tzBackup... Done.
Erasing partition utagsBackup... Done.
Erasing partition padB... Done.
Erasing partition modemst1... Done.
Erasing partition modemst2... Done.
Erasing partition mbl... Done.
Erasing partition hob... Done.
Erasing partition dhob... Done.
Erasing partition persist... Done.
Erasing partition ssd... Done.
Erasing partition fsg... Done.
Erasing partition sp... Done.
Erasing partition misc... Done.
Erasing partition pds... Done.
Erasing partition cid... Done.
Erasing partition logo... Done.
Erasing partition clogo... Done.
Erasing partition devtree... Done.
Erasing partition boot... Done.
Erasing partition recovery... Done.
Erasing partition kpan... Done.
Erasing partition cache... Done.
Erasing partition padC... Done.
Erasing partition system... Done.
Erasing partition customize... Done.
Erasing partition userdata... Done.
Erasing is finished.
SW: 1.4.0; FW: 1.20.
Write data verification is enabled.
Write partitions from C:/Users/maanarman/Desktop/NEW/Sandisk eMMC SEM16G_Sun Jul 30 2017_13_57_14.mpt file...
Writing partition GPT... Done.
Writing partition modem... Done.
Writing partition sbl1... Done.
Writing partition sbl2... Done.
Writing partition sbl3... Done.
Writing partition aboot... Done.
Writing partition rpm... Done.
Writing partition tz... Done.
Writing partition utags... Done.
Writing partition logs... Done.
Writing partition padA... Done.
Writing partition sbl2Backup... Done.
Writing partition sbl3Backup... Done.
Writing partition abootBackup... Done.
Writing partition rpmBackup... Done.
Writing partition tzBackup... Done.
Writing partition utagsBackup... Done.
Writing partition padB... Done.
Writing partition modemst1... Done.
Writing partition modemst2... Done.
Writing partition mbl... Done.
Writing partition hob... Done.
Writing partition dhob... Done.
Writing partition persist... Done.
Writing partition ssd... Done.
Writing partition fsg... Done.
Writing partition sp... Done.
Writing partition misc... Done.
Writing partition pds... Done.
Writing partition cid... Done.
Writing partition logo... Done.
Writing partition clogo... Done.
Writing partition devtree... Done.
Writing partition boot... Done.
Writing partition recovery... Done.
Writing partition kpan... Done.
Writing partition cache... Done.
Writing partition padC... Done.
Writing partition customize... Done.
SW: 1.4.0; FW: 1.20.