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Sep 5, 2019
yes yes yes a125m frp one click by dt pro

DTpro - Authorization / Service
Kamakiri - Writing Keys...
Kamakiri - Authorizing the device Ok...
DTpro - Successfully sent payload: C:\A0_box\DT PRO TOOLS\on line update\MEDIATEK_v3.0.0.9099New\File\mtkclient\payloads\mt6765_payload.bin
Port - Device detected :)
Main - Device is protected.
Main - Device is in BROM mode. Trying to dump preloader.

Successfully extracted preloader for this device to: C:\A0_box\DT PRO TOOLS\on line update\MEDIATEK_v3.0.0.9099New\File\mtkclient\Loader\Preloader\preloader_k65v1_64_bsp_titan_rat.bin
DAXFlash - Uploading stage 1 from MTK_AllInOne_DA_5.1420.bin
DAXFlash - Successfully uploaded stage 1, jumping ..
Preloader - Jumping to 0x200000
Preloader - Jumping to 0x200000: ok.

DAXFlash - Successfully received DA sync

DAXFlash - DRAM config needed for : 1501004450364441
DAXFlash - Sending emi data ...

DAXFlash - Sending emi data succeeded.
DAXFlash - Uploading stage 2...

DAXFlash - Successfully uploaded stage 2

DAXFlash - EMMC FWVer: 0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC CID: 15010044503644414200ea2bd4d51821
DAXFlash - EMMC Boot1 Size: 0x400000
DAXFlash - EMMC Boot2 Size: 0x400000
DAXFlash - EMMC GP1 Size: 0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC GP2 Size: 0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC GP3 Size: 0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC GP4 Size: 0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC RPMB Size: 0x1000000
DAXFlash - EMMC USER Size: 0xe8f800000
DAXFlash - DA-CODE : 0x666D0

DAXFlash - DA Extensions successfully added
DAXFlash - Wiping addr 0x1929a000 with length 0x80000, please wait....
DAXFlash - Successsfully Wiped addr 0x1929a000 with length 524288.
Wiped sector 824528 with sector count 1024.
Mediatek Conection | done!

thanks to dt pro team without bla bla bla powwerfull
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