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Apr 4, 2017
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Warm Welcome to Ufi Support Section Community!
A community of UFI Box and UFI Dongle users all over the world.
To be part of this community, you have to comply the following rules:

1.Always search at first before asking.
2.Except in UFI Regional, all posts must be in english so everyone have the same understanding. Use "google translate" if you dont understand English.
3.Posts should be made only in the relevant section.
4.Always respect other members, when you don’t treat people with respect, you are not just demeaning and abusing them, you are also making yourself into the kind of person who demeans and abuses others. Abusing members in any way will not be tolerated !
5.Always respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc. No copying other users material, No posting or asking information about warez, crackz, etc.
6.Please take note of any stickies and announcements in every section as they often contain frequently asked questions.
7.No nude picture, porn nor spam post.
8.Be nice to others, we are human in the one earth. We will die eventually.
9.Always post image or video only for better help.


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May 29, 2020

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To keep the section useful and clean, Please read Carefully the below Rules before posting your thread.
Failing to apply the rules might lead to thread deletion

Understand This section: This section is only about UFI.

1-Always use the latest update before posting any issue with the dongle.

2-Use the SEARCH BUTTON before posting(Someone might have faced the same issue)

3- Please post full details of issue and phone condition with Logs/Screenshot. Any complaint without any Log/Screenshot will be deleted or will remain unanswered.

4- When posting a video on this forum always integrate Martview LOGO in the video!(Check attached zip file)


5- It is not necessary that only the Product Manager or Product Supporter will answer your query. We have many nice users here who also have good knowledge and can reply and help to solve your issue.

6-Only write in the English Language

7-Product Manager, Supporter, and frequent user of our tool are considered Senior here. Regardless of their forum status and joining date. So please show some respect to them.

8-No comparison with other tools in this section. Whether in good or in bad means.

9-Do not post logs from other tools

10-No rude language admitted for any reason

11-Use the Like button.
NOTE: Thread's posted with only Thanks, Good, Nice.etc will be deleted

12-Always buy from official resellers and distributors.

13-This is not sale section! You cant sell your box here!

14-Advertise of other resources like forums, Site Logins are not allowed.

These rules are not final and can be reviewed by Administrations any time so keep checking them for any update.


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