New Sunshine M-11 4800W HDMI Trinocular Microscope HD Camera


Junior Member
Nov 13, 2019
Hello, I have purchased this camera and the problem I have is that it keeps shutting off, I simply connected it USB to computer and I connected it to the power and also HDMI to the TV.
The camera LED indicator turns yellow when I first connect it and it works just fine for 30 seconds or so, sometimes up to one minute, then it shuts off ( the indicator turns Red ). It disconnects from the computer and the TV , the only way to reconnect it is to unplug it from power and replug , it will do the same after 30 seconds or so!

I’ve tried the settings and got nowhere with it, I also factory reset it from the settings and also the same, I’ve also tried new power cord and USB cord and HDMI cord but still doing the same.

please help me work this out as this is very important for my work.