Thumbs up !!! Mkey Section LAW & ORDER [Read BEFORE ALL] !!!

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Aug 21, 2018
Hi by All .

Here i write small rules what help you in user side and me for get answer in fast time without any compromiss.

1. Mkey - Modem Unlock Key The NOT FREE SOFTWARE! For run soft, need by Mkey dongle , else soft not work.

2. Before ask, check forum for already existed question & answer.

3. Make your post in needed thread only!

- if similar thread exist = yu can write here.

- if not exist then open new.

4. Don't post any direct Mkey software or firmware link in public forum because:

a. not Mkey users try run soft and inform me about dongle not work.
b. other tool users try run soft in alien boxes and also say me same.
c. i can help only Mkey dongle users because can check faults by Mkey.

5. If you have ICQ or Sonork then u can write me ur story in my ICQ 333-414-824 or Sonork 100.69222 for get maximal fast answer.

6. Any spam or new post not in valid threads WILL BE DELETED without any Explanation!!

7.We ARe Not responsible For USe In Illegle Activity With This Soft

B.R Mkey - Modem UnlockKey team.
Not open for further replies.