World First Xiaomi IMEIrepair DualSim Without Auth


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Sep 3, 2018
I did the process that you exposed in the video, the imei are changed but the phone never got a signal and when the stock rom passed. I throw nv data corrupted error.

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man, were is log and Screenshot?
if you are talking about Note 8 "GINKGO" or Note 8T "Willow" this is tested and reported for many customer... when you download engineer firmware for operation, inside the file you will find a video called how to disable RSA through Hardware

you should always report "Captures and logs" as tests
you must address yourself with respect we do not want to spend deleting messages for using aggressive or offensive language against our product,

  • -because we ask for captures and logs, because many people using other tools who have copied our name and then tell us asking for help and support for something that is NOT ours.

After Dissable RSA via Hardware for New Security! -

  • Make this Steps for repair DuaSim Devices

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