Help How does Meizu pro7 modify IMEI


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Aug 6, 2018
Repair IMEI using UFI Android ToolBox
- META mode which is commonly used on MediaTek devices does not work for Meizu, We will use AT Mode instead. You may click the :information_source: icon (before device selection) in the UFI Android ToolBox to get the connection information about the devices.

Selected brand: Meizu, MediaTek
Install USB Drivers : \\Drivers:android_winusb.inf
Engineering Mode: ##3646633##
[AT mode] Enable ATCI: Enter Engineering Mode, Log and Debugging, ATCI: ENABLE ATCI
Repair Imei for Meizu possibly done using AT mode

  • After enabling AT mode, you should be "MediaTek USB VCOM" port in the device manager, if not make sure you have install the USB drivers for MediaTek.
  • Check the "AT mode", Enter the original IMEI number and Click "Write"
  • After reboot, the device should boot-up with correct IMEI, please do general test to the device before we re-writing the bootloader to the original M2.
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