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Apr 10, 2019
Found mistake when verifying memory data. I wrote to flash big file, than verify it. UFI show mistake in the verifying.

Cant upload file with screenshot.

VCC: 3.3 V, VCCQ: 3.3 V
Bus: 8 bit (HS SDR 24MHz)
Access mode: sector mode
Power supply: dual-voltage (1.70-1.95V, 2.7-3.6V)
Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded) - High density MMC
Manufacturer ID: 0x45 (SanDisk)
Product name: DS1008 (0x445331303038), rev: 0x01, serial number: 0xA7C325B0
Manufacturing date: июл 2017
CID: 45010044 53313030 3801A7C3 25B074DA
CSD: D00F0032 0F5903FF FFFFFFEF 8A40401E
EXT_CSD revision: 1.7 (MMC v5.0, v5.01)
Partition info:
Boot1: 4096 KiB
Boot2: 4096 KiB
RPMB: 4096 KiB
User area: 7.28 GiB(7,818,182,656 bytes)
Current partition access:
Access to user area
Verifying userarea (15269888 sectors) against file \\D:\Cars.3.2017.1080p_HEVCCLUB.bin...

Verify failed at 0x135777800: file data [ 08 f1 84 b6 ], device data [ 00 00 00 00 ]

But file size is 0x1357777FF! file data [ 08 f1 84 b6 ] not present.

Similar situation with UFI lite, last sectors almost at 50% chips are "broken" if use different memory test tool, but if check manually, they are not present.
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yuan wolf

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Jun 11, 2019
write image into chip show the error, the image size is about 3G.
the ufibox can just upload file less then 30M each time.
how to upload an image stabilized without error.