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  1. UploadROM

    EMT OPPO A57 (CPH1701) Unlock Pattern Password Pin Lock With EMT Tool

    [Read/Reset/Reset&Backup/Restore Screenlocks] 1.Reading the help, Enter Qualcomm EDL/9008 mode, Connect USB Cable (install drivers) 2.Go to Screenlock Tab, Click buttons TIPS: These function working for android unencrypted devices. TIPS: Read screenlocks function not working for Android 6.0 and...
  2. UploadROM

    EMT How To Vivo Y20A Frp PD2060F Frp Unlock With EMT Tool

  3. EmeGSM-Wei

    New EMT v3.12.00 Released, Free Huawei Module & MTK Reset FRP and Xiaomi / Vivo New Models

    EME Mobile Tool (EMT) v3.12.00 Released Notes: Free Activation Huawei Module, Supported (Qualcomm series) Read Info, Read/Erase/Write Partition, Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Partition File Manager, Read/Reset/Reset&Backup/Restore Screenlocks, Disable/Enable Screenlocks, Read Userdata etc...
  4. EmeGSM-Wei

    EMT EMT v3.12.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Sep 28, 2021]