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    Ellipal support with ada stalking

    Ellipal Hardware Wallet Exciting!! New version support #ada Shelley, =AZUsl7mzgal_Wc9tpgrQ6V2rT9b_d466WxpQ9BXAJrcs65YOetnzTHGv_-tjCf3GcNNbH23hN19je5gvwrercDojv9jCSLlT5JGFhYXzRj0FQo1jNEQRx8VAL-KCs8yVyZl9i1WkBMjykcEp-bnBO3LsSJO2DkHBdh4XprK5ms78OQ&__tn__=*NK*F']#ada Staking, you can transfer...
  2. Martview-Malaysia

    Full Control of Your Assets – Anywhere, Anytime with CoolWallet

    CoolWallet Hardware Wallet Full Control of Your Assets In Your Hands – Anywhere, Anytime The CoolWallet Pro hardware wallet is the size of a standard credit card which can be easily transported while on the move. The wallet is 0.8mm thick and weighs 6 grams which can easily fit into a...