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    Solved OPPO A37f ( Frp reset Done ) __GENERAL RESET FRP METHODS

    Welcome to Octoplus FRP Tool v. Card S/N: 0000E473 Work ID: 0000000002171507 Platform: __GENERAL RESET FRP METHODS Selected model: QUALCOMM EDL AUTODETECT Please, power phone OFF put the phone in EDL mode and connect USB cable. Found phone on COM11 Mode: Qualcomm 9008 Connecting...
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    Octopus MI A2 FRP Reset Done!!

    EDL Point :- LOG OCT FRP TOOL :- Platform: XIAOMI Selected model: MI A2 Put the phone into EDL mode: 1. Attach testpoint as shown in Help manual; 2. Connect USB cable; 3. Release testpoint after 3-5 seconds. Found phone on COM29 Mode: Qualcomm 9008 Connecting... Reading info... QC HW...