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Sep 3, 2018

This post is created with the sole intention of helping you and clarifying your doubts about Huawei & Honor Qualcomm.

Please pay attention...
As everyone already knows, it is possible to repair the IMEI on Huawei & Honor Devices with Qualcomm processors, without Credits and without having the Unlocked Bootloader.

the first thing you should know!!
- Please always respect the TAC+FAC of your devices to NOT damage the security of the Device when doing Validation/Checksum

Honor Magic5 Lite [RMO-NX3]

IMEI : TAC: 865219 FAC: 06 SNR: 199232 CD: 7
You should repair only the last digits of the IMEI for Security...
New IMEI : TAC: 865219 FAC: 06 SNR: 199111 CD: 3

-This applies to the latest Devices due to the verification that the Firmware does on the Devices when starting!! Please keep this in mind...

In stable firmwares -You can write the IMEI you want! Always Backup your device! This Option is found in the "Special Task" Button
-On some devices with EROFS 0.3, writing the IMEI2 will generate an error... -to solve this you must change the Firmware on your device.
-On some Devices you must perform
repair Network!!
-On some Devices you must write Firmware Stables
-On 5G Devices You require the QCN Writing and Stable Firmware | RMO | NTH |
VNE | RBN | among other Models.

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