If You Have Any Problem Using Box Or Any Problem Recover Set Post Here


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 : Sep 24, 2019
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In win10 and win7 systems, the latest version of UFI dongle cannot be opened. {Display: [313]Faided to initialize criticle task, reason:Forbidden service detected!} But on the same computer, the platform version can be opened. Of course the firewall and antivirus tools are turned off.19154


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 : Aug 20, 2020
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please master the solution ufi box

OS: Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit

ynchronizing files...
updating file: UFI.exe (0 B)... failed


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 : Jan 27, 2020
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If Any Have Problem Opartiong Ufi box Or Any Problem Face During Recover Handset
Post Here Your Full Detail With Screen Shot
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hello!! I I m facing a problem, some days ago maybe 30 days ago isp connection is working fine with SM-G532f/m and suddenly its showing erro with every samsung modle but oppo a3s is connectig properly , when I put out emmc and identyfy with emmc adapter its working fine, I'm not understanding what is the problem, I think 1,2 time I had mistakley applied wrong connection with isp jumper, mybe I have miss valued the resistor or cap with isp board my error showing like this.
Failed to initialize eMMC (return code: 20, CMD Error: Invalid responce) !!!!
CMD1 error, cmd response: 0x0, card state:255 (Card is in unknown stat
SEND_OP_COND Command failed. what is the valaue of that components would u like to guide me !!!!!!!


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 : Aug 18, 2019
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Warning: the system's memory is low, please consider upgrading your system !
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