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Oct 22, 2016

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To keep the section useful, Please read Carefully the Conditions & Rules before posting your thread in Service Products News & Updates Section.

[1] This is not a Sales Section for advertising. Prices, discounts or Promotions are not allowed and any thread with currency signs (€, $, £ ..etc) shown in the post
will cause the whole thread to be deleted immediately.
[2] The Section is created specially for Solution authors to announce releasing their GSM solution updates.

[3] No prices, No Discount advertisements.

[4] Codes & IMEI Based Servers projects are not allowed to advertise in the section.

[5] No Duplication for the same product update. we'll delete the thread contain an old news. -Newer Thread-

[6] To avoid any mistakes or deletion of your thread,, your Thread title should be written as:
[Product Name], [Summery of the new update], [Version# (Optional)].

[7] Titles Like "AGAIN World 1st Update....." , or "AGAIN XYZ TEAM DID IT .......", "MEGA MEGA Update......" will be deleted without any notification.

[8] to guarantee our section credibility, only Product Supports, and few selective members would be able to create threads in that section. (Permissions modified)

[9] It's not allowed to Post any news for other products. Only Product Managers/Supporters or team member are
the only responsible persons to post their updates.

[10] Flash Files and New support Area Files uploads and any threads like "xx GB Uploaded" will be deleted immediately. we keep serious news only,
and uploading files has nothing new to be kept in news section. EMMC tools are excluded from this condition

[11] Phone Number, Reseller Names or Contact Person Names are not allowed, thread with any contact details
or contacts link / links to external website will be deleted immediately.

[12] The section created for true & real updates, .. Fake updates or promises only, will cause a ban for some days.

[13] Any Product is allowable for one thread per 24 hours, any existing threads for the same product in the same day will be deleted.

[14] SIM Based Products are allowed to post in news section if & only if they run an active section, and only Product managers write about their updates.

[15] Barred, Blacklisted or Stolen Phones services are not allowed.
Not open for further replies.