Appeal against incorrect actions of moderators

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Oct 21, 2016
Australia, Malaysia & Lebanon
Dear users of the forum In this topic in the form of "Board Suggestion And Support " you can appeal:
  • Incorrect increase in the Level of Warnings (UE);
  • Remove avatar and/or signature by the forum moderator
  1. What do you need to keep in mind before you file a complaint?
    1. We ask you to make as specific claims as possible, with quotes or links.
    2. Appeals will be considered only for actions and punishments relating to you personally, and not at the request of a friend or out of sympathy for your neighbor.
    3. Despite the fact that the messages written on this topic are not covered by paragraph 4.21 of the Forum Rules, the discussion should be correct and not go beyond the rest of the paragraphs.
    4. Do not stoop to insults - in this way you will not only undermine self-respect but also force us to withdraw the claim from the discussion.
    5. The warning level is automatically reduced by 20% after 90 days since the last change in the warning level, subject to strict compliance with the Resource Rules. Please do not address this issue to the Moderators and Super Moderators of the forum.
    6. Questions related to the removal or movement of messages and/or topics are resolved with the moderators of those sections where the messages and/or topics were originally located - use the "Complaint" button or contact the moderators via private messages.

    7. Questions about the functionality of the Forum are asked in the FAQ topic on the forum, suggestions for improvement, comments on the structure, problems of the development of sections or individual topics in the Suggestions for the site and forum.
    8. For disturbances and bad reviews about, there is a special tribune where you can speak - a collection of bad reviews about
    9. The answer to the question of why there used to be very few "acquittal" decisions in the subject - here.
  2. Note:
    Please note that this is not a topic for discussion, but a specific tool for solving difficulties between the User and the Administration. Please take this topic as seriously as possible. Each complaint will be reviewed collectively by the Administration, the results of the review will be published on this topic. A collegial decision is final.
Not open for further replies.