HOT AQUA Dongle SPD UniSoc Module V4.3 Update Released 1/3/2021

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Mar 14, 2017

AQUA Dongle SPD UniSoc Module V4.3 Update Released 1/3/2021
We Are Pleased to Introduce SPD Module Latest Update

Now SPD UniSoc Protocol Totaly Revised And Update
New SP Generic Bassed (SPD UniSoc) Support
Loader Database Update For Latest UniSoc Incluid Beta Sc9863x
Added Most Wanted Brand With Hot Model List Supported (Just Select Model & Do Opration)

SPD Module GUI
Now SPD Module GUI Mode Easy & Friendly
You can Select & Use Featuere More Easy Then Before

- Option to Boot Using Pac File
Just Select Pac file and No Need Extract or Select Manual Fdl
(Just Select File & Do FRP or Rmeove Lock As You Want)

- Option to Boot Using Custom Aqua Loaders for Spd Phones
Select Single Loader File without any need of full pac file
(Aqua Dongle User Can Share Small Size Loader File Without Upload Full .Pac File Or Save Your Time)

- Option to Generate Custom Single Aqua Boot File
Just Select Pac File and Create single Loader
( If You Have Pac File and You Not See Model in List You Can Created File and Share With Aqua Team)

[SPD UniSoc Flash Mode Features]

- Flash Mode Support
Read Full Device info
Remove Frp Lock Supported
Factory Reset Auto Mode
Read Pattern Lock [Non Encrypted Devices]

- Flasher (SPD UniSoc)
Flasher Core Protocol Update
Now Flasher Is More Fast & Stable
New Devices Supported With New ID Like UniSoc (SU335,UMS9117
Write Factory Pac File [Auto/Manual Modes]
Custom Flash Any Single Partition

- SPD Forensic Tool
Added SPD Free Features
Without Pay Yearly or Extra $
Read Phonebook,Sms,Call Logs [Non Encrypted Devices]

- [Diag Mode Features]
Read Full Device Info
Safe Factory Reset [New/Old Devices]
Enable Diag Mode [New/Old Devices]
Repair Imei1, Imei2, Imei3, Imei4

- [Adb Mode Features]
Read Full Device Info
Bypass Frp Lock

- [Fastboot Mode]
Read Full Device Info
Bypass Frp Lock
Factory Reset

- Added Following SPD Soc in CPU Loaders List Hot & Exclusive

[+] SC9832E
[+] SC9850Ka
[+] SC9863A V1
[+] SC9863A V2
[+] SC7715
[+] SC7720EA
[+] SC7731C V1
[+] SC7731C V2
[+] SC7731C V3
[+] SC7731E V1
[+] SC7731E V2
[+] SC7731E V3
[+] SC7731E V4
[+] SC7731G V1
[+] SC7731G V2
[+] SC7731

- Added Following Models [No Need Select Manual Pac or Fdl]

[+] ITel a11
[+] ITel a16
[+] ITel a20
[+] ITel a21
[+] ITel a23
[+] ITel a23 jio
[+] ITel a25 (L5002)
[+] ITel a25 Pro (L5002P)
[+] ITel a33
[+] ITel a40
[+] ITel a41
[+] ITel a41+
[+] ITel a42+
[+] ITel a44 Air (L5502)
[+] ITel a44 power
[+] ITel a46 (L5503)
[+] ITel a46 (L5503L)
[+] ITel a48 (L6006)
[+] ITel a48 (L6006L)
[+] ITel L5006C
[+] ITel p33
[+] ITel p33+
[+] ITel p41
[+] ITel s16 (W6502)
[+] ITel vision 1 (L6005)
[+] ITel vision 1 Pro (L6502)
[+] Qmobile HD pluse
[+] Qmobile i1 i2 i2 pro i4
[+] Qmobile i10 2019
[+] Qmobile i10 2020
[+] Qmobile i5.5 v1
[+] Qmobile i5.5 v2
[+] Qmobile i8i pro
[+] Qmobile i6i 2020
[+] Qmobile i7i
[+] Qmobile i8i Pro
[+] QMobile Fire
[+] QMobile Smart
[+] QMobile Phantom P1
[+] QMobile Smart power
[+] QMobile QSmart Gli Lite
[+] QMobile QSmart Grande
[+] QMobile QSmart Hot Pro
[+] QMobile QSmart Hot Pro 2
[+] QMobile QSmart LT200
[+] QMobile QSmart x40
[+] QMobile QSmart View
[+] QMobile x2i
[+] QMobile x2i 3g
[+] QMobile x5
[+] QMobile x6i 3g

- Improved Samsung Frp Offline in MTP Mode for Latest Devices

More on The Way .....

AQUA Dongle Team
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