Update Auto Check and Auto Update exe TO V4.16.7971 - PRAGMAFIX Update 28th OCT 2021

Pragmafix Team

Product Manager
Feb 5, 2021
Do You still Use Windows 7 ? PLEASE NOTE this version of windows no longer updated by Microsoft ? and some this Windows component is expired in 1 october 2021 ? maybe you need to update use update patch hotfix KB3033929 before, but forget it.... in this pragmafix v.426 it will not affect to pragmafix exe anymore.

Do You still Use Windows 7 ? that some newest SSL components will not working on it ? we already do something good and will fix all error caused by this things
we remove temporary cache methode, and for some user that have unstable internet connection will not have error opening file, more faster content download process ever on this 4.16 exe

if you get problem that mention above, just update your Pragmafix to this version 4.16.7971 it will eliminate all your problem ( note : only less user faced this kind of problem, major user never faced that problem before, and enjoy use pragmafix without any proble, but every user is special for us, so we need to care and providing the solution for everyone )