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Oct 22, 2016

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How To Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy Note 5 FRP Bypass
Note 5 N920cxxS4 Frp Lock Remove | N920c Binary S4 Frp Bypass

Octopus FRP Via UART Cable Full Tutorial
Samsung FRP With UART Cable
UFS Memory Chip Reset Via UART Cable

N920c S4 FRP Done.png
Platform: Samsung Android
Selected port: COM1
Selected model: SM-N920C
Operation: Reset FRP - UART UFS
Please put the phone into Download Mode and connect USB cable.
Waiting for phone...
Reading PIT...
PIT was read successfully.
Searching for UART interface.. COM9
Connect Samsung Micro UART cable(with 525K resistor), press and
hold "Vol-" + "Power" buttons for 15-20 seconds
Searching for device. Please wait...
Resetting FRP lock..
FRP / Reactivation lock is successfully reseted!
Performed by Software version.

More info:
N920C FRP , Samsung FRP Via UART Cable