Can I Spotify Premium APK to be able to use all premium functions?


May 30, 2021
New York

5 Reasons to Avail Spotify Premium​

For some people, the free version of Spotify is good enough for their everyday listening needs. But for those serious music enthusiasts, the premium version is necessary. So, if you’re still not convinced whether the premium plan is right for you, here are the top reasons to avail Spotify Free Download.

  1. Free lets you listen at only 96 kilobits/second or high quality 160 kbps. But Premium allows you to listen to up to 320kbps which allows for a richer and detailed output.
  2. With free, you are limited with the number of times you can skip in the shuffled section. While Spotify premium allows you to skip as many songs as you like.
  3. Who likes ads? In the free version, you’ll be riddled with ads even which could ruin the experience of listening to music. The ads are completely non-existent when you avail the premium plan.
  4. You also get exclusive and early access to new albums from your favorite artists for two weeks for premium users.
  5. You can listen to up to 10,000 songs offline in the premium version.