Cheater Team F-Finder, Borneo schematic, Sysco box, Hypobox, SFT, Combinett, Reetrax Are all Related

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Feb 25, 2017
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F-Finder, Borneo schematic, Sysco box, Hypobox, SFT, Combinett, Reetrax Are all Related Team as Cheater

UYUNG & Halilintar the Master Mind of all this product F-Finder, Reetrax, Combinett, Hypobox, Sysco box


After 1-year ++ taken USD105,000 from Martview for this F Finder Dongle project he stopped update F Finder dongle and he started Reetrax, Combinett



When Martview keeps finding UYUNG in Jan 2020 when he stopped F Finder update suddenly this person by the name Rizal Fikri Junkiee pop up to Martview and claimed he is the key person of F Finder he can continue the project but need change the system to activation type. That is why in May 2020 we let all F Finder dongle users claim the F Finder activation code version this is a huge loss for Martview already.

After 1 year ++ Rizal Fikri taken about USD40,000 from Martview until Aug, he’s disappeared now and heard that he is one of the teams inside Borneo Schematic which is why he stopped all F Finder Server. In order to let Borneo schematic sell well, so he needed to let F Finder dead project?

RIZAL Fikri disappeared now by not replying Martview message even he have view the whatsapp message since
Aug 2021 but never reply. Martview give Rizal Fikri monthly usd2500 but on July onward he didn't come to claim this monthly USD2500 so why hiding there is no reason if he is not part of
the Borneo schematic or the MAN behind Borneo Schematic?

Recall your Memory Rizal Fikri what we have agreed in the signed agreement?

Recall your memory Rizal Fikri have you post any success stories at F finder section every week or not? Also 1 to 2 updates monthly you didn't fulfill what we agreed
But you still come claim money from Martview monthly which Martview also didn't blame you until you stopped the server today

Log In or Sign Up to View <=== this is F Finder key Person Facebook account

Below Fikri WhatsApp number it
+62 812-2172-4100
+62 858-4610-0003


This is the SFT dongle coder after stopped update SFT dongle, now he is the main coder in Borneo Schematic
Whatsapp number:


This is Hardi SFT after discontinued SFT dongle update and he start promoting Borneo Schematic now
Whatsapp Number: +6281239488488 and +6281289635995


So is it safe to buy a Borneo schematic? So guys guess and judge yourself.

NOTE: For all F Finder Tool users who bought the F Finder activation code from Martview or from Martview Reseller we will announce what to do next when we have found a solving solution
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