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Jul 30, 2018
Cheetah Tool Credit - World First Supported Model list

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Supported model list

Galaxy FoldSM-F900USPR , BST , VMU , XAS3
Galaxy J3SM-J337PSPR , BST , VMU , XAS3
Galaxy J7SM-J737PSPR , BST , VMU , XAS3
Galaxy A6SM-A600PSPR , BST , VMU , XAS3
Galaxy A51SM-A515USPR , BST , VMU , XAS3
Galaxy A51SM-A515U1SPR , BST , VMU , XAS3
Galaxy A50SM-A505USPR , BST , ATT , CTT , CHA2
Galaxy A50SM-A505U1ATT , CCT , SPR , BST , VMU , XAS , DSH3
Galaxy A50SM-A505FALL2
Galaxy A50SM-A505FNALL2
Galaxy A50SM-A505GALL2
Galaxy A50sSM-A507FNALL2
Galaxy A50SM-S506DLALL2
Galaxy A51SM-A515FALL2
Galaxy A40SM-A405FALL2
Galaxy A40SM-A405FNALL2
Galaxy A30SM-A305FALL2
Galaxy A30SM-A305GALL2
Galaxy A30SM-A305GNALL2
Galaxy A30SM-A307FALL2
Galaxy A30SM-A307FNALL2
Galaxy A30sSM-A307GALL2
Galaxy A20eSM-A202FALL2
Galaxy A20SCV46ALL2
Galaxy A20SM-A205FALL2
Galaxy A20SM-A205GALL2
Galaxy A20SM-A205UATT2
Galaxy A20SM-A205UCTT2
Galaxy A20SM-A205UCHA2
Galaxy A20SM-A205USPR2
Galaxy A20SM-A205UBST2
Galaxy A20SM-A205UVMU2
Galaxy A20SM-A205UXAS2
Galaxy A20SM-A205UDSH2
Galaxy A20SM-A205YALL2
Galaxy A20SM-A205YNALL2
Galaxy A20SM-A205GNALL2
Galaxy A20SC-02MALL2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UATT2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UAIO2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UCTT2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UCHA2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102USPR2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UBST2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UVMU2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UXAS2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102UDSH2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1ATT2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1CTT2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1CHA2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1SPR2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1BST2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1VMU2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1XAS2
Galaxy A10eSM-A102U1DSH2
Galaxy A10SM-A105FALL2
Galaxy A10SM-A105FNALL2
Galaxy A10SM-A105GALL2
Galaxy A10SM-A105MALL2
Galaxy A2 CoreSM-A260GALL2
Galaxy A2 CoreSM-A260FALL2
Galaxy A3SM-A320FLALL2
Galaxy A5SM-A520FALL2
Galaxy A5SM-A520WALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A605FALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A6058ALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A605GALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A606GALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A6050ALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A6060ALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A606YALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600AALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600AZALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600FNALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600GALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600TALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600AZALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600T1ALL2
Galaxy A6SM-A600GNALL2
Galaxy A7SM-A720FALL2
Galaxy A7SM-A750FALL2
Galaxy A7SM-A750FNALL2
Galaxy A7SM-A750GALL2
Galaxy A7SM-A750GNALL2
Galaxy A7+SM-A705FALL2
Galaxy A8SM-A530FALL2
Galaxy A8+SM-A805FALL2
Galaxy A8+SM-A8050ALL2
Galaxy A8+SM-A730FALL2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UTMB2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UTMK2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1TMB2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1TMK2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UTMB2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UTMK2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1TMB2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1TMK2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UATT2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UAIO2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UCCT2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UCHA2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1ATT2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1AIO2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1CCT2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1CHA2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UATT2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UAIO2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UCCT2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UCHA2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1ATT2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1AIO2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1CCT2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1CHA2
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960USPR3
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960UXAS3
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960UBST3
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960UTMB3
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960UTMK3
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960U1TMB2
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960U1TMK2
Galaxy S7SM-G930TTMB1
Galaxy S7SM-G930VVZW1
Galaxy S7SM-G930AATT1
Galaxy S7SM-G930PSPR1
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935TTMB1
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935VVZW1
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935AATT1
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935PSPR1
Galaxy S8SM-G950UTMB1
Galaxy S9 PlusSM-G955UTMB1
Galaxy S9SM-G960USPR2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UBST2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UXAA2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UVMU2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UXAS2
Galaxy S9SM-G960UGCF2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1SPR2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1BST2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1XAA2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1VMU2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1XAS2
Galaxy S9SM-G960U1GCF2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965USPR2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UBST2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UXAA2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UVMU2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UXAS2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965UGCF2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1SPR2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1BST2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1XAA2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1VMU2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1XAS2
Galaxy S9+SM-G965U1GCF2
Galaxy S9 PlusSC-03KDCM2
Galaxy S9 PlusSCV39DCM2
Galaxy S9SCV38DCM2
Galaxy S9SC-02KDCM2
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950UTMB1
Galaxy S7 ActiveSM-G891AATT1
Galaxy S8 ActiveSM-G892AATT1
Galaxy S8 ActiveSM-G892UTMB1
Galaxy J3 EmergeSM-J327PSPR1
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935DDCM1
Galaxy S8SM-G950DDCM1
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955WALL1
Galaxy S8SM-G950WALL1
Galaxy Note8SM-N950WALL1
Galaxy S7 EdgeSC-02HDCM1
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950U1XAA1
Galaxy J7 PerxSM-J727PSPR1
Galaxy Tab S2SM-T818AATT1
Galaxy S8 PlusSC-03JDCM2
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955DDCM1
Galaxy S8 PlusSCV35DCM1
Galaxy S8SCV36DCM1
Galaxy Note 8SCV37DCM1
Galaxy J4 PlusSM-J415FNALL2
Galaxy Tab S4SM-T837TTMB1
Galaxy Tab ASM-T387ATMB1
Galaxy S8SC-02JDCM1
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955U1ALL1
Galaxy S8SM-G950U1ALL1
Galaxy S7 EdgeSCV33ALL1
Galaxy S7SM-G930UALL1
Galaxy Grand PrimeSM-G530TTMB1
Galaxy Grand PrimeSM-G530T1TMB1
Galaxy Core PrimeSM-G360TTMB1
Galaxy Core PrimeSM-G360T1TMB1
Galaxy J7SM-J710MNALL2
Galaxy J7SM-J710MALL2
Galaxy J6+SM-J610FALL2
Galaxy S7SM-G930FALL2
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FALL2
Galaxy S8SM-G950FALL2
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955FALL2
Galaxy S9SM-G960FALL2
Galaxy S9 PlusSM-G965FALL2
Galaxy S10eSC-03LDCM2
Galaxy S10SC-04LDCM2
Galaxy S10 PlusSC-05LDCM2
Galaxy N10SM-N975U1ATT2
Galaxy N10SM-N975UATT2
Galaxy N10SM-N975USPR2
Galaxy N10SM-N975U1SPR2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1ATT2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1AIO2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1CCT2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1CHA2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1SPR2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1BST2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1XAA2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1VMU2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1XAS2
Galaxy S10SM-G973U1GCF2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UATT2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UAIO2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UCCT2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UCHA2
Galaxy S10SM-G973USPR2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UBST2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UXAA2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UVMU2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UXAS2
Galaxy S10SM-G973UGCF2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UATT2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UAIO2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UCCT2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UCHA2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975USPR2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UBST2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UXAA2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UVMU2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UXAS2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975UGCF2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1ATT2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1AIO2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1CCT2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1CHA2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1SPR2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1BST2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1XAA2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1VMU2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1XAS2
Galaxy S10+SM-G975U1GCF2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UATT2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UAIO2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UCCT2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UCHA2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970USPR3
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UBST3
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UXAA2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UVMU3
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UXAS3
Galaxy S10eSM-G970UGCF2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1ATT2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1AIO2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1CCT2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1CHA2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1SPR2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1BST2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1XAA2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1VMU2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1XAS2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970U1GCF2
Galaxy S10eSM-G970FALL2
Galaxy S10SM-G973FALL2
Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FALL2
Galaxy S10 5GSM-G977BALL2
Galaxy J2SM-J250FALL1
Galaxy J2SM-J250MNALL1
Galaxy J2SM-J250GALL1
Galaxy J2SM-J250YALL1
Galaxy J5SM-J510FALL1
Galaxy J5SM-J510MNALL1
Galaxy J5SM-J510GALL1
Galaxy J5SM-J510YALL1
Galaxy J2 DashSM-J260AALL2
Galaxy J2 PureSM-J260AZALL2
Galaxy J2 CoreSM-J260GALL2
Galaxy J2 CoreSM-J260MALL2
Galaxy J2SM-J260TALL2
Galaxy J2SM-J260T1ALL2
Galaxy Express Prime 2SM-J327AALL2
Galaxy Express Prime 2SM-J327AZALL2
Galaxy Sol 3SM-J336AZALL2
Galaxy J3SM-J337AALL2
Galaxy Amp Prime 3SM-J337AZALL2
Galaxy J3SM-J337TALL2
Galaxy J3 TopSM-J337VPPALL2
Galaxy J4SM-J400FALL2
Galaxy J4SM-J400MALL2
Galaxy J6SM-J600FALL2
Galaxy J6SM-J600GALL2
Galaxy J7 CoreSM-J701FALL2
Galaxy J7 PrimeSM-J727TALL2
Galaxy J7 PrimeSM-J727T1ALL2
Galaxy J7 PrimeSM-J730FMALL2
Galaxy J7 ProSM-J730GALL2
Galaxy J7SM-J737AALL2
Galaxy J7 StarSM-J737TALL2
Galaxy J7 StarSM-J737T1ALL2
Galaxy J7SM-J737UALL2
Galaxy J7SM-J737VALL2
Galaxy J7SM-J737VPPALL2
Galaxy M10SM-M105GALL2
Galaxy M20SM-M205GALL2
Galaxy Note FESM-N935FALL2
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950FALL2
Galaxy Note 9SM-N960FALL2
Galaxy Note 10SM-N970FALL2
Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975FALL2
Galaxy Note 10+ PlusSM-N976BALL2
Galaxy J2 CoreSM-S260DLALL2
Galaxy J3SM-S357BLALL2
Galaxy J7 Sky ProSM-S737TLALL2
Galaxy J7SM-S757BLALL2
Galaxy J7 PrimeSM-G610MALL2
Galaxy J2 CoreSM-J260FALL2
Galaxy J5 ProSM-J530GALL2
Galaxy M10SM-M105FALL2
Galaxy M10sSM-M107FALL2
Galaxy M30sSM-M307FALL2
Galaxy Note10 5GSM-N971NALL2
Galaxy 10eSM-S102DLALL2
Galaxy 10eSM-S205DLALL2
Galaxy J3 ProSM-J330GALL2
Galaxy J3SM-J330FALL2
Galaxy J5SM-J530FALL2
Galaxy J7SM-J727AALL2
Galaxy M20SM-M205FALL2
Galaxy M30SM-M305FALL2
Galaxy Xcover4SM-G390FALL2
Galaxy J5 PrimeSM-G570MALL2
Galaxy J7 NeoSM-J701MALL2
Galaxy J7 ProSM-J730GMALL2
Galaxy M31SM-M315FALL2
Galaxy Note10 LiteSM-N770FALL2
Galaxy J3 Luna ProSM-S337TLALL2
Galaxy J3 TopSM-S367VLALL2
Galaxy J7 CrownSM-S767VLALL2
Galaxy S20 5GSM-G981BALL2
Galaxy S20 Pro 5GSM-G986BALL2
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988BALL2
Galaxy S20SM-G980FALL2
Galaxy S20+SM-G985FALL2
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