Direct unlock any Sony / Xperia . Counter 0 supported !


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Mar 22, 2019

#125 Sony/Xperia Direct Unlock by cable (Reset 0 Counter Supported)

After Place order youll get one user name and password
Below is download new version with xperia 1 II, xperia 10 II phones support
click to unlock and then connect handset to pc via usb holding "Vol-" .
Tested supported models : SC-03K, SOV39, Xperia L3, PM-1052-BV, PM-1051-BV, F3111, C6916, SO-01K, SO-01J, Xperia X Compact SO-02J, Xperia XZ2 601So, Xperia E3 D2202, Xperia Z1s C6916, 401SO, Xperia XZ FZ8331, Xperia E4 E2115, Xperia Z3 TD-LTE 401SO, D6603, MBA006, Xperia Z2 D6502, E6633 Xperia Z5 Dual and all other new Sony.

If you get error

  1. Remote dongle calculation limit reached - try connect after 2 hour.
  2. Error phone is tampered - credits not gone and you can unlock other Sony.

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