DTPro Dtpro admin deleted my 4 posts -!! [NO SPAMs]

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Sep 3, 2018
Today i wrote in his post.But this guy deleted my posts without reason.I didn't use bad language.
I have no right to complain if someone lied?
Moderators can check my deleted posts,if there is something wrong.
Here is his post
World First - Qualcomm Module v3.0.0.9094 poco M3|Redmi 9T|Redmi Note 10 -DualSIM repair and More!
I'm not used to answering these things ...

1 you must respect the product stewards
2 you can't do that much spamm in one section
3 all your posts are about the tool being fake
4 all your posts say videos proof that it is false!

We have been in the market for 4 years ... we are always improving and adding real functions ...
-We are always the first in the RSA dissable! of new xiaomi models using different methods.

but you are only looking to attack! If you have dtpro you can try and if you have an error contact us, we are always ready to help our users and friends.

we have reports from MTK | Qualcomm - we have uploaded videos on our youtube channel of many processes!
Not open for further replies.