EME Mobile Tool (EMT) - Installer Mirrors & Install Instructions

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Mar 26, 2020
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Where to Download:
Official Website (EmeGSM): Download & Changelog of EMT
Official Mirrors (Google): EMT - Google Drive
Official Mirrors (MediaFire): MediaFire
Official Mirrors (Baidu): https://pan.baidu.com/s/1I3yxts3-jOmpRcP5I-QT-w
Official Mirrors (WeiYun): 文件分享

How to Starting:
1). Download and Install latest EMT installer.
2). Login your EMT account
3). Select the brand and model
4). Read the operation manuals carefully
5). Press the function button to start operation
6). Follow the operation manuals switch phone into the operation mode
7). Connect the phone to your computer (install drivers if needed)
8). Wait for operation complete
P/S: If you don't have EMT account yet, you can create your account first via "Account Management (Create/Recharge/Password etc)".

1). How to install drivers: Home > Drivers > Install xxx Drivers
2). How to change the language: Home > Settings > Select Language
3). How to set default backup and roms directory: Home > Settings > Default Paths
4). How to online updates to latest version: Home > Updates > Check for updates
P/S: Add EMT install directory to the anti-virus software trusty directory please if you pc installed anti-virus.

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