FM Whatsapp 9.5 Latest Update


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Oct 25, 2021
New York
FM Whatsapp 9.5 is the latest version of FMwhatsapp, a free app that allows you to easily send and receive voice messages. With this new update, the FMwhatsapp app is also able to run on older devices such as android version 2.2. This means that it can help people who have a low-end phone access high-end features for free! So if you or someone you know needs FMwhatsapp but can't afford a new one, this is definitely something worth looking into!

FM Whatsapp 9.5 Features:

FMwhatsapp also opens up a new market for it's users, as many voice messengers such as viber and whatsapp require you to have an internet connection. However, FMWhatsapp does not need any kind of internet connection to use its service! This means that even people who don't have 3g or cannot afford GPRS can enjoy using this app! It also works on all areas of Pakistan, including rural areas where there is low signal strength.

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