GUIDE] Unlock HTC One Sprint m7_wls HBOOT 1.57 to 4.4.2. S-OFF / HIS

GUIDE] Unlock HTC One Sprint m7_wls HBOOT 1.57 to 4.4.2. S-OFF / HIS?

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Dec 3, 2016
Hello to all,
also I have a Java Card Htc Box itc ..
I wanted Roma and almonds diiferent for several days, but not gain-of-chance s-off with "Firewater" (now RIP), tryed 2 mounth past with success, and is only a chance for those who want to try the same thing.
Today , only the "Java Card" or "SunShine" or "BOX" to gain S-OFF 100%.
I hope that my guide will help you with your phone as well.

I've had a Sprint HTC One M7 HBOOT 1,57, OS 5.03.651.3 CDMA BLOCKS and have done this procedure:

1) Unlock bootloader
2) flash recovery watchmaking-touch-" or "openrecovery-TWRP- -m7wls.img "
3) Installation of super user
4) flash " "m7wls_Stock_Rooted_5.03.651.3_DeOdex_Full Rom using the recovery
5) kernel to Flash " ElementalX-sprint-m7-13.1 "
6) Use "Firewater" , instrAction 1 worked for me link:
Now , you must be S-Off
7) Downgared to HBOOT to 1.44. It worked for me "hboot_hexed"
8) Install Sprint_HTC_One_m7wls_1.29.651.10_RUU
9) flash the "recovery watchmaking-touch-" or "openrecovery-TWRP-"
10) Install super user
11) no point 11 becouse who is just to S-OFF can start from step 8, who want to try the same with "Firewater", please use the Search button in the forum or google for Kernel, HBOOT itc ... or goes directly with "SunShine", (pay somethingh), and start from point 8 too.

NOTE: that is just S-OFF, can Ibloq w / o problem (point 8), the Original Sense Stock Rom 4.3, the process works the same.

OK, now that are S-OFF, HBOOT to 1.44 and Sprint Version point 8, going to unlock this SPRINT CDMA and Aptitude for working in GSM modality:

1. You're just rooted
2. Download "Terminal Emulator App." From here: Emulator Terminal
3. Run Terminal Emulator:

4. Type "su" (excluding quotation marks) and grant it permission in superuser

5. Type "am start com.redbend.vdmc /" (excluding quotation marks )

6. You will get menu on your HTC

7. In this menu, select "API" , then scroll down to the bottom "almost to the end and select" simlock "

8. Restart the phone and hopefully it would accept GSM SIM

9. Enter * # * # 4636 # * # * in your dialer

10.In the information section of the phone (the first one) set preferred type something network that is GSM specific: "WCDMA preferred" , for example the phone goes into GSM mode, the "Network Setting" , ( photos above) and is unlocked and abilited for GSM SIM card

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