HELP repair device based on mediatek cpu's using scatter


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Nov 30, 2020
hello have emmc error with cm2

i want to programme new one from scatter file ( preloader) and programme it with octo plus pro but ihave this error

Selected scatter file: D:/[email protected] REPARATION/TELEPHONE/condor/CONDOR C8/Condor_C8_(PHS-601)/201406131155_PHS-601_W991.4.01.03.DZ00_Revsion8079_eng/MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt.

Scatter file type 1.

Opened input file: D:/[email protected] REPARATION/TELEPHONE/condor/CONDOR C8/Condor_C8_(PHS-601)/201406131155_PHS-601_W991.4.01.03.DZ00_Revsion8079_eng/preloader_phs601.bin

Found 4 eMMC supported CID:

eMMC Vendor ID : 15 (Samsung eMMC)

eMMC Model ID : 0001

eMMC Name : KUS00M

eMMC CID : 1501004B555330304D

eMMC Vendor ID : 90 (Hynix eMMC)

eMMC Model ID : 4A01 my new emmc

eMMC Name : H8G2d

eMMC CID : 90014A483847326404

eMMC Vendor ID : 45 (Sandisk eMMC)

eMMC Model ID : 0001

eMMC Name : SEM08G

eMMC CID : 45010053454D303847

eMMC Vendor ID : 15 (Samsung eMMC)

eMMC Model ID : 0001

eMMC Name : K7XVMB

eMMC CID : 1501004B3758564D42

Writing. Please wait...

Switched to boot area partition 1.

Writing partition PRELOADER...

Write data verification is enabled.


Switched to user area.

Writing partition MBR... Done.

Writing partition EBR1...

ERROR[012]: Write error.

At sector 0