Huawei E5220-2 Firmware Corrupted Solution (blinking)


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Oct 22, 2016

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Those who have a problem with blinking e5220-2 huawei do this:
Problem: corrupted firmware

Tools needed:
1. DL mo to

driver yan na modem mo na madetect sa computer.
2. DL mo din to

firmware which will be used for pocket wifi flash again.
Note: Please extract these files using winrar. WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

* Press the power button and reset button (under cover of modem pocket and found hold it once plug the USB chord.
* You can pop the "found new hardware". Driver was not succesfully installed and the like.
* Go to then click on your file in mediafire, then go to driversetup, then go to my computer right click, properties device manager.
* find your yellow exclamation point huawei something. folder or driver yong dl number one we mediafire.
* Next, open yong yong file number 2 or firmware of huawei and browse yong ver folder. Extract to yong flesh and browse yong "exe" folder.
* Turn the E5220UPDATE_21. and follow the onscreen instructions. Next, next lang.

Presto! your huawei pocket wifi is alive again . ! eheheh

Feedback is just okay !!
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