Huawei E5330Bs All Lights Blinking Solution | Solved


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Oct 22, 2016

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Huawei E5330Bs Blinking All Lights Problem Solution | Solved

Solution 1:
Huawei E5220-2 Firmware Corrupted Solution (blinking)

(100% working Solution )
If It Does not work, Here's To Do: (Apply us to release power on the PC via Pressing The power button)
1.) Remove Pocket Wifi's Battery
2.) Press Power Button for Longer Longer Longer
(Me with 10mins +, haha) and irelease the touch.
3.) Place the Battery
4.) Press the power button until Sumindi.
Boom! Your Pocket Wifi will now work Fine
Your Pocket Wifi is normal again

(100% working Solution )
In case Not Run to work, Here's To Do:
1.) Remove Battery with Pocket wifi
2.) Press and hold the POWER BUTTON and the RESET BUTTON at the same time (1 minute) Remember "SABAY"
(Reset button is back, you can use the end of the ballpen prank hehe)
3.) Remove the tap after 1 minute
4. ) Restore Battery on Pocket Wifi
5.) Press the power button until Sumindi
Boom! Your Pocket Wifi will now work with BBlink-blink.
Your Pocket Wifi

Note is normal again : Before plugging into PC, make sure Pocket Wifi is first to go back to Bblink-Blink
(I Hope helped )

1.) Do not Remove battery for do not blink blink again
2.) If you do not want to rest (Repeat SOLUTION No. 3)
3.) When Red Signal It may be wrong to have Sim

Feedback just if you work out what I've done
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