If You Have Any Problem Using UFI Box Or Any Problem Recover Set Post Here


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Jun 7, 2019
ufi old setup is istall error UFI_v1.3.0.1155_ and UFI_v1.4.0.1464_ but new setup is working how to use ufi old setup


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Sep 15, 2017
dear team
every time i update ufi box androidtoolbox not showing identify device so i back to version
i work on windows 10-64
whats the problem?


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Oct 2, 2020


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Sep 5, 2020
oppo f11 pro passcode to wipe to write ext.csd to factory to back up to repflash totataly damage? how can fixed this? to many kills this box you cant fixed ur bugs error?


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Jul 20, 2019
Flashing Mi Play Handset Running it program suddenly sundown

UFI software version:
Official website:
UFi Box is a powerful EMMC Service Tool & UFi Dongle Android
Official support forums:
UFIXERS Community
UFI Box / Dongle
Official facebook page:
Ufi Box & Dongle
Official youtube channel:
System info:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-9100F CPU 3.60 GHz (4 CPUs)
Installed RAM: 15.94 GiB (79 % free)
OS: Windows 10 Professional (Build 19041, Version: 2009, 64-bit)
Disk space: 223.03 GiB (146.85 GiB available)
Disk space(firmware packages): 223.03 GiB (146.85 GiB available)
Loaded drivers:
[zegobit] winusb, version:, date: 12-18-2015
+DlgError: Android ToolBox data package directory has not been set!
To make the software work correctly, you have to select Android ToolBox data package directory.

Please "Identify Device" at first, before any other operation.
storage id: hC8aP, HCG8a4
- Flashing, erase frp, erase userdata supported
for Qualcomm platform, go to \\FLASH:QUALCOMM
for MediaTek platform, go to \\FLASH:MEDIATEK
- For new models, flashing requires bootloader authorization by server
- Any Bootloader authorization will consume credit, use it with caution at your own risk !!!
- To avoid any troubles, please always use official firmware !!!
- Please note that generic unlock bootloader in Special Task is only for some spesific OLD models
- For new models, flashing requires server authentication and UFI CREDIT, go to \\ACCOUNT for the list of services and costs
!!! WARNING !!!
- Authorization should only be used for normal flashing with official firmware that match to your model
Any Special Tasks in MediaTek platform require write access and will not work for this model due to secure boot.
- Service cost for [Xiaomi] Mi PLAY:
XIAOMI_FL(Bootloader Authorization(QC, MTK) - Including Identify, Flashing, SpecialTask): 4 credits
- Please turn off your "Find device" before flashing, bootloader authorization will not work when "Find device" is turned ON.
- Make sure to select the CORRECT phone model and storage type !
- Do not rename the BRAND and MODEL directory !
- Special Tasks are bonus feature, if it needs "Bootloader Authorization" and you pay for authorization not the specific task !!!
- You have to select the CORRECT firmware that match your phone model before Identify !!!
- Make sure that the phone is completely powered off before connecting to PC !
- If you want to flash factory firmware, please identify using official public firmware at first and then flash with factory firmware after identify !
storage id: hC8aP, HCG8a4
storage id: hC8aP, HCG8a4
version: V1.1.2
platform: MT6765
project: lotus
storage: EMMC
bootChannel: MSDC_0
blockSize: 0x00020000
MTK Preloader file info:
Found 10 supported eMMC CID:
[SK Hynix] hB8aP 90014A68 42386150 3Exxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[SK Hynix] HAG4a2 90014A48 41473461 32xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[Micron] S0J9B7 13014E53 304A3942 37xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[Samsung] QE63MB 15010051 4536334D 42xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[SK Hynix] HCG8a4 90014A48 43473861 34xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[SK Hynix] hC8aP 90014A68 43386150 3Exxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[Samsung] 3H6CAB 15010033 48364341 42xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[Samsung] 3V6CMB 15010033 5636434D 42xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[SK Hynix] hC8aP 90014A68 43386150 3Exxxxxx xxxxxxxx
[SanDisk] DA4064 45010044 41343036 34xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
AUTH info: MTK, version: 1
Firmware package: lotus_global_images_V11.0.3.0.OFIMIXM_20200302.0000.00_8.1_global\images
BROM version[1]: 7.1922.6.0
DA: MTK_AllInOne_DA[1].bin
hash: 29541b6af15c397977fb6c85df452c0add11ca18, size: 1.01 MiB
version: 3.3001.2019/06/02021/02/03 15:45:39, start addr: 0x40000800
Connecting to BootROM...
Power off the phone, disconnect and reconnect the battery(if possible) and connect USB cable...
Hold the VOL DOWN or VOL UP + DOWN(for newer model) to force MediaTek BootROM.
Scanning BootROM or Preloader port(30 s)... Done
Detected [BootROM] MediaTek USB Port_V1633 (COM3)
Connection status: XHCI:HUB3:[#0]:USB 2.00 High-Speed
USB Driver: [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb, version: 3.0.1504.0, date: 1-22-2015
Connecting Bootrom...
Requesting flash signature from server...
[SERVER] XIAOMI_FL [lotus,0170b33d12e55aa3] ref id: XF05170665434, cost: 4, your balance: 6
Sending Download Agent...
Platform: MT6765, Hw ver: 0xCA00, Sw ver: 0x0000
Secure ver: 0x00, BL ver: 0x00
SRAM size: 512 KiB
DRAM size: 4 GiB
SOC ID: 0170b33d12e55aa3eecb7fcf21c3bbaf8e8ec9accad55a80905de351a84b7085
ME ID: 782b6f7833ef8fc106875172f7f274f7
Storage type: eMMC
Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded)
Manufacturer ID: 0x90 (SK Hynix)
Product name: hC8aP (0x68433861503e), rev: 0x03, serial number: 0x4890327E
Manufacturing date: Feb 2019
CID: 90014A68 43386150 3E034890 327E26DB
Capacity: 58.27 GiB (62,562,238,464 bytes)
Boot1: 4096 KiB
Boot2: 4096 KiB
RPMB: 16384 KiB (Provisioned)
User area: 58.24 GiB(62,537,072,640 bytes)
USB speed: High-Speed
Verifying Soc: passed
Verifying Storage ID: passed
Writing preloader: preloader_lotus.bin, size: 227.04 KiBWriting recovery: recovery.img, size: 32 MiBWriting efuse: efuse.img, size: 512 bytesWriting md1img: md1img.img, size: 52.54 MiBWriting spmfw: spmfw.img, size: 27.41 KiBWriting scp1: scp.img, size: 545.70 KiBWriting scp2: scp.img, size: 545.70 KiBWriting sspm_1: sspm.img, size: 382.73 KiBWriting sspm_2: sspm.img, size: 382.73 KiBWriting lk: lk.img, size: 793.78 KiBWriting lk2: lk.img, size: 793.78 KiBWriting boot: boot.img, size: 32 MiBWriting logo: logo.bin, size: 2.95 MiBWriting odmdtbo: odmdtbo.img, size: 44.34 KiBWriting tee1: tee.img, size: 3.23 MiBWriting tee2: tee.img, size: 3.23 MiBWriting vendor: vendor.img, size: 419.44 MiBWriting system: system.img, size: 2.76 GiBWriting vbmeta: vbmeta.img, size: 4 KiBWriting cache: cache.img, size: 184.19 KiBWriting userdata: userdata.img, size: 193.99 MiBError: 0xC0050003 (STATUS_DOWNLOAD_EXCEPTION)
Error while flashing images at 0x00200000, please make sure your USB connection is stable.
Completed in 3 mins 28.490 s


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Feb 12, 2019
este error en uffi es un dolor de cabeza, no quiero formatear mi pc
(También lo formateaste hace 4 semanas debido a uffi) ¡alguna solución xfa!
Good morning, you were able to solve that error, if you have installed Windows 10 several times and it gives you an error then it is not Windows and the 10 I do not think so, I think ufi has to accommodate UFI.EXE in all versions of Windows 10 Pro from 64 bits. 20H2 among others, what version do you have in windows 10 pro


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Feb 12, 2019
este error en uffi es un dolor de cabeza, no quiero formatear mi pc
(También lo formateaste hace 4 semanas debido a uffi) ¡alguna solución xfa!
UFI.EXE has a problem even when nothing else works windows 7 and windows 10 and windows 10 pro in old versions you have to focus on correcting those errors in ufi when you want to open ufi, they say it is something remote, not remote use if it were a program remotely should give me an error the other box and they do not give errors


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Dec 6, 2019
Xiaomi note 9 Pro flashing AUTH error

Scanning for Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 device...
Download Port: Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM4)
Connection status: XHCI:HUB3:[#0]:USB 2.00 High-Speed
USB Driver: [Qualcomm Incorporated] qcusbser, version:, date: 3-21-2018
MSM Serial number: 0x6ed4d7b9
MSM HW ID: 0x001490e1 , OEM ID: 0x0072 (Xiaomi), MODEL ID: 0x0000 OEM Public Key Hash: 1bebe3863a6781db4b01086063007334de9e5ca14971c7c4f4358ec9d79cda4692ce5e948c6fd409408f4c919fcadfe3
Comm error 997: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress
Comm error 997: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress
Error: failed on sending HELLO response!
Disconnect USB cable, battery and try again!