Information about RAM details of eMMC /EMCP/UFS|| BGA162, BGA153, BGA221 BGA254 BGA 297 ||


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Aug 22, 2019
In the mobile, Har disk is called internal memory
And because the same companies that manufacture chimney are the same ones that manufacture rams so the way to merge memory and ram into one piece appeared
Secondly, we must understand that Ram has generations and they are.
When the first memory was manufactured, the form BGA169 and the number 169 shows the number of men or points
Then the size of the piece was reduced and some points that were only there for installation were discontinued and the shape became the name BGA153 and this shape is designed on the first generation of ram which is LPDDR1
But because the type of ram in this memory is tiring, so the process of merging ram with this memory was discontinued and it became a ram without a ram
Does any memory that holds the shape BGA153 is either integrated with a RAM from the generation LPDDR1 or does not have a RAM
All the modern males carrying the BGA153 form are now coming with no ram
When the second generation of rams appeared LPDDR2 there was a need to change the shape of manhood so the shape BGA162 appeared
Then the third generation LPDDR3 appeared and the shape was changed to BGA221
Then the 4th generation LPDDR4 appeared and the same generation was updated to the LPDDR4X so the shape was changed to BGA254
Then finally the 5th Generation LPDDR5 appeared and the shape was changed to BGA297
You can also notice that the number of men increases as a new generation appears
And surely when the sixth generation LPDDR6 appears, the number of men will be more than 297
The form of manhood is changed according to the generation of ram
The form remains stable as long as the memory is the same generation whether it is EMMC or UFS
There are attempts from Samsung to produce a strange shape, but these experiments did not work, there is a shape carrying the third generation of ram, which is BGA529, which is only available in several phones from Samsung company such as NOTE 4 and there was also an attempt to produce the shape BGA95, which is in the model NOTE 5
Below is the picture with a memory built in 5th generation ram and shape BGA297

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