News iOS 15.1 is rolling out to iPhone users today, here’s what’s new

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May 29, 2020

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The leading feature of iOS 15.1 is support for SharePlay. This feature was initially slated to be included in the initial release of iOS 15, but Apple delayed it so it could continue to refine its capabilities. Apple describes SharePlay as a “new way to share synchronized experiences in FaceTime.”

SharePlay is supported by built-in applications including the Apple TV app, Apple Music, and Fitness+. Third-party developers can also tap into the ecosystem as well, allowing you to use SharePlay via a variety of different apps, games, streaming services, and more.

For more details on how SharePlay works, be sure to check out our full hands-on right here.

Camera app upgrades

Meanwhile, the Camera app is getting a pair of notable updates in iOS 15.1 on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. This includes support for ProRes video capture as well as disabling automatic camera switching when taking macro photos and videos.

Full release notes

Other enhancements with iOS 15.1 include teh ability to store your COVID-19 vaccination card in the Wallet application, Home app improvements, Shortcuts updates, and more.

You can update your iPhone by going to the Settings app, choosing General, then choosing Software Update. The full release notes are below.

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Photos app may incorrectly report storage is full when importing photos and videos
  • Weather app may not show current temperature for My Location, and may display colors of animated backgrounds incorrectly
  • Audio playing from an app may pause when locking the screen
  • Wallet may unexpectedly quit when using VoiceOver with multiple passes
  • Available Wi-Fi networks may not be detected
  • Battery algorithms updated on iPhone 12 models to better estimate battery capacity over time

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