UMT JIO F61F hang On logo Solved By Write firmware BY UMT Unisoc module[SUCCESS]



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Oct 25, 2018
JIO F61F hang On logo Solved By Write firmware BY UMT Unisoc module

EXE: Ultimate Unisoc Module v0.1
ACTION: Flash Firmware.
Selected firmware: LYF-F61F-01-10-140917.pac
NV: Default Mode (protect calibration)
Device Storage: EMMC
Start Detect phone...
Phone must be off with battery inside.
Long press "VOL -" key while inserting usb cable.
For some phones need to
Long press "VOL -"+ "VOL +" key while inserting usb cable.
Detected: SPRD U2S Diag (COM30)
[00:00:00] Sending loader.
Sending loader, keep boot key untill loader start.
[00:00:03] Loader ok
[00:00:03] Wait for loader....
Loader OK: ~"Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Changing bautrate OK.
[00:00:03] [1]First boot done.
[00:00:03] Sending second loader.
[00:00:09] Second loader sent ok.
[00:00:09] Reading: system
System name: system
Phone and firmware have same android
[00:00:09] Reading: miscdata
[00:00:09] Reading: l_fixnv1
NVRAM saved to: C:\****************\********\********\********\********\********\********.****
[00:00:18] Start write: l_fixnv1
Protecting GSM_CALI_ITEM_ID id: 0x2
Protecting LTE_Calibration id: 0xA05
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band1 id: 0x9C4
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band2 id: 0xA04
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band3 id: 0x9C8
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band4 id: 0x9C9
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band5 id: 0x9CA
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band6 id: 0x9CB
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band7 id: 0x9CC
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band8 id: 0x9CD
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band9 id: 0x9CE
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band10 id: 0x9CF
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band11 id: 0x9D0
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band12 id: 0x9D1
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band13 id: 0x9D2
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band14 id: 0x9D3
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band15 id: 0x9D4
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band16 id: 0x9D5
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band17 id: 0x9D6
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band18 id: 0x9D7
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band19 id: 0xA01
Protecting LTE_Cali_Band20 id: 0xA02
Protecting AFC id: 0x9C7
Protecting BlueTooth id: 0x191
Protecting BandSelect id: 0xD
Protecting WIFI id: 0x199
Protecting MMITest id: 0x19A
Protecting WIFICal1 id: 0x19F
Protecting WIFICal2 id: 0x1A0
Protecting WIFICal3 id: 0x1A1
Protecting SIMLOCK_SIGN id: 0x1A3
Protecting SIMLOCK_PK id: 0x1A4
Protecting SIMLOCK_USER_DATA id: 0x1F1
Protecting SIMLOCK_NVCONTROL_KEY id: 0x1F2
Protecting SIMLOCK_KEY id: 0x1F4
Protecting SIMLOCK_CFG id: 0x7E4
[00:00:21] Start write: prodnv
[00:00:23] Start write: usbmsc
[00:00:28] Format: uboot
[00:00:28] [uboot]Format OK.
[00:00:28] Start write: splloader
[00:00:29] Start write: l_modem
[00:00:34] Start write: l_ldsp
[00:00:34] Start write: l_gdsp
[00:00:35] Start write: pm_sys
[00:00:35] Start write: wcnfdl
[00:00:36] Start write: wcnmodem
[00:00:36] Start write: boot
[00:00:40] Start write: recovery
[00:00:44] Start write: system
[00:02:50] Start write: userdata
[00:02:54] Start write: logo
[00:02:54] Start write: fbootlogo
[00:02:54] Start write: cache
[00:02:56] Format: l_runtimenv1
[00:02:56] [l_runtimenv1]Format OK.
[00:02:56] Format: misc
[00:02:56] [misc]Format OK.
[00:02:56] Start write: persist
[00:02:57] Start write: sysinfo
[00:02:59] Start write: uboot
[00:02:59] Start write: fbootlogo3
[00:02:59] Start write: fbootlogo4
[00:02:59] Start write: fbootlogo5
Flashing done.
[can take 0-10 sec]Wait untill phone restart.
Log saved:
Total Time: 00:03:17

Regards | Thanos_92