World First Mediatek Module v4.0.0.000032EXT beta rev4 •Improved repair and patch algo


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Sep 3, 2018

We are DTPRO and we have been in the market for more than 4 years...
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Bugfixes and improvements:
  • Fixed repair and Patch CERT on some Xiaomi.
  • Fixed repair IMEI from preloader Mode.
  • Fixed Internal library detection

Remember that we have assistance via WhatsApp for our users, Telegram Group for Information and Tips.
We continue working on the New Securities
•VIVO, OPPO, BLU, HMD, INFINIX, XIAOMI (LGE - Withdrawn but still receiving updates for the newer sets) and some custom USA carriers devices.

•As we know the preloader is just a boot code to be executed by the target, any modifications could allow to (Enable/Disable) emergency mode - aka (BootROM USB Download mode).
•In the new Xiaomi Note 11s | pocophone poco M4 pro You can repair IMEI From this Mode [Devices With Factory Firmware Written]
•MediaTek released a BootROM blocking toolkit for some Mediatek phones. Current methods for reboot @ BROM Mode will NOT work.
•We have added New Testpoint in Gallery to Execute Services on VIVO phones.

LG TMobile Support

If you after Downgrade your LG USA Carrier and try to repair IMEI [Cricket|TMobile] Get Null IMEI.... DTpro can Fix this without Credits.

Activation are already available for purchase. Ask your local dealers!
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