MRT MRT team please give an official answer are you continuing the project or is it closed?

MRT Team


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Aug 9, 2021
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, 6300
Hopefully, MRT Team answer the big question of the server bugs...before the v5.52 infected with a virus, and now the v5.35 also infected with a virus. Only the v3.95 still working but the 2.60 version the MTK portion not functioning even in server 1 and 2.
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Aug 9, 2021
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, 6300
We as technician needs to hear the response of the MRT Teams, if i can only say MRT key is one of the best Tool and Hopefully one of the member of the MRT Team can read our messages and need some response if they will continue with the server update or NOT. because we as users of the said Tool waiting of the Server solution but almost 3 months waiting nothing release and solve..

Hopefully MRT Team members could read my message BEFORE CHRISTMAS..they have a response and Hopefully also MRT Tool won't STOP.
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Sep 3, 2021
Huawei closed the port itself

The MRT Dev was also sued

Will the MRT stop completely?

After the trial of Lianqi Zhu

Fortunately, updates will be released soon

If you lose in court

Minimum 3 years and maximum 7 years

I'm sorry, sir

Get well soon

Currently, Huawei is facing a lawsuit

A friend at Apple with FMI OFF two years ago

He was imprisoned but has not been released yet

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

I was prosecuted

Ko Ha and I even know the current situation

If you are upset

The news is depressing

I had the last conversation with the teacher

26.7.2021 is the latest